Don’t Start a Blog! Do This and Make 10x More Money Online

Blogs are cool and easy to start. We’ve talked about it many times in our previous posts about blogging and ways to start a successful blog (for any purpose, personal or business).

Hell, we even have a full course with over 11 hours of detailed training videos about blogging and ways to become a successful blogger and make a boatload of money doing it.

There’s something I’ve always talked about when it comes to blogging and that’s this: It takes time to build a profitable and successful blog, so you have to be patient

But what if I tell you there’s a way for you to start a blog that will be 10 times FASTER and easier to make money from? Well, here it is…

If you’re not in the mood to read, watch the video from Sean Bagheri’s YouTube channel to find out:

Didn’t watch the video? No worries, here it is:

Usually on a blog, you are the only one that publishes content.

Think about that for a second…and think about massive websites that publish content by the minute, like news websites or large magazines. The reason they are at the top of Google search results is the fact that they have an active website where content is being added on a daily basis.

So in order to create a successful blog quickly, you have 2 ways…

#1: Hire 20 people to write every day

#2: Write 10 amazing blog posts every day

Both of these options are pretty much impossible as they cost a lot or leave you with no life.

So here’s the solution

What if there was a way for you to publish your own content whenever you want, but at the same time have other people publish content too?

Sounds like a dream, but this has been around for a very long time but it has been a major hassle for people to do it, until now…

The solution I’m talking about is starting a forum. I’ve talked about getting traffic using forums before but I’ve never talked about starting your own forum, which is very easy.

Here’s how you can start your own very forum:

1. Choose a forum platform: Starting a forum was one of the hardest things back in the day. You had to choose a platform and install it on your host and…but now, thanks to services like Discourse, you can start a forum without touching a line of code in minutes…Discourse is well designed for mobile phones, and it’s the best forum platform of all time. Topics and conversations look clean, elegant and easy to navigate. It’s what we’re using for our own forum.

2. Build a community outside of your forum: This is an important step because you need to do this to get people into your forum. People won’t magically find your forum, you need to promote it and get them to start conversations and topics in there. We used Facebook groups and YouTube channels to drive people to our forum and it has worked great so far.

3. Publish your daily content: If you remember, the whole point of this article was the fact that you wanted to start your own blog. Well, now that you have a forum, it doesn’t mean you can’t do what you were trying to do with your blog. Start writing posts in your forum (even long blog posts) and get people to react to it. Try posting questions a couple of times a week and also answer anything that someone posts as fast a possible (at least in the beginning).

4. Reward your top members: Finally, you want to let everyone know that you appreciate everyone who is helping you grow this community. So make sure to reward your top members with something, make them moderators, give them cash or something that is going to help them in some way.

and that’s it for now.

As you grow your community, you will find new ways to make more money, reward members and do cool new things which are the fun part of owning a forum.

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