How Did I Re-Engage a Dead Email List and Made $4,158 From It!

If you’re just getting started in online business and affiliate marketing, the idea of letting a list die or go cold might sound insane but the reality is that as you build your business, you’ll create multiple lists and at some point, you’ll let some of your lists go cold or basically die.

In this article/video, I’ll share my simple 2 step strategy to recover and re-engage dead email lists and monetize them as soon as possible.

Before we start, watch the video below to learn some of the basics of this strategy:

Remember, Your List is “Dead”

The first step is to accept that your list is dead! Meaning that they probably won’t remember you, so it’s important to manage your expectations. Since your list is dead, you’ll have to think of it as a “cold traffic source”.

Your job is to re-engage them with some sort of bribe or useful content but before you do that, you’ll need to tell them why you haven’t been sending them any emails.

So let’s get started…

Step 1: Make Amends

The first step is coming out of the “marketer shell”. Think about it, you’ve been sending them automated emails since they joined your list and in their mind, you’re some automated marketing robot who doesn’t have a soul.

So going from the soulless and faceless marketer to someone who actually cares about them is the first step, so you need to send them an email and tell them why you haven’t been sending them any emails

It doesn’t have to be anything important, you can simply tell them that you were being lazy. Just anything to make them see you as a human, not some faceless marketer who’s trying to empty their wallet.

Remember that this email should be a memo style email, meaning you shouldn’t have any links or try to send them to some page to download something. Just a friendly message and some images of yourself about what have you been doing (if possible, images are optional)

Step 2: Move Them Into a New List

After making amends, it’s time to move them into a new list.

Moving them into a new list is a key move and it has to be done since the existing email list has gone cold and open rates will be super low. So you’ll have to move them into a new list.

A new offer, training or something exciting should be enough to do so. Remember that the “move offer” has to come natural and shouldn’t be forced.

Pro tip: you can also tease the future offer you’re going to send them in the end of your first email (the amends email)

Step 3: Presell and Sell

Now that you’ve moved them into a brand new list, it’s time to build the relationship you failed to build in the previous list.

Start by proving useful content, such as videos and eBooks without asking them to buy anything.

After a while, send them to an affiliate offer or a sales page to monetize your dead list.

And that’s how you revive an old email list and make money from it!

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