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The Top Level Affiliate isn't just a training course, it's also a complete business package that will change your life forever!

The First-Ever Live Training Program: Watch and learn as the instructor builds a successful campaign on the screen right in front of you.

1-on-1 Coaching Included: You won’t get left behind. Our coaches will answer your question as you learn and build your business.

Weekly Extra Bonuses: Receive a brand new training video for free every week, learn more and take your business to the next level.

Exclusive and Active Community: Communicate with other members, ask questions and learn from other students like yourself.

Weekly Updates and New Strategy Sessions: Top Level Affiliate is the only course in the world that comes with weekly member-only strategy webinars where you learn about new to improve your campaigns and strategies.

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Our members post their latest results in our private Facebook group and community forum every single day, be a part of our army of successful affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

What's Inside Top Level Affiliate:


Module 1: Important Basics of Affiliate Marketing

In module 1 of this program, I’ll explain some basics of affiliate marketing business, how it works, how do we profit from it and how to find suitable products to promote as an affiliate. 


Module 2: Your Business Tools

In module 2, I will introduce you to the tools we will use to build our online business.


Module 3: Setting Up The Basics of Your Business

In module 3, we will finally start building our first funnel. In this module, you’ll learn about one of my most profitable affiliate marketing strategies, examples, video marketing and live build of our first funnel.


Module 4: Creating Your Final Campaign

In module 4, we will finish building the live campaign that I started in the previous module. I will finish the landing page, upload the YouTube video and teach you how to optimize your videos for maximum exposure.


Module 5: Driving Traffic to Your Campaigns

In module 5, you will learn about the different available traffic sources that you can use to send qualified visitors to your affiliate pages to get sales.

New Training Videos Every 3 Days to Keep You Up to Date With the Best & Latest Business Strategies…

Marketers who keep themselves updated with the latest trends and strategies are the ones who win big time in this business and we want you as a Top Level Affiliate member to be one of them. We do countless tests and spend thousands every day on testing and we share the latest strategies and proven ways to make more money from affiliate marketing with you by posting update videos every 2 or 3 days!

To this day, no affiliate marketing course is doing such thing and this is one of the reasons Top Level Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing courses in the world. All of our 35,000 members enjoy the latest marketing strategies and you can be one of them by joining our community and start learning with us!

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and most profitable type of online business and Top Level Affiliate is here to help you achieve your dream life using it. An average Top Level Affiliate student earns $3,000 a month*, simply by implementing the strategies you’re about to learn inside. How much an extra $3,000 a month will change your life?

More Than Just a "Course"...

Sure you can learn some basics of affiliate marketing anywhere, but Aversity’s Top Level Affiliate Program isn’t just about that. This program will give you the opportunity to learn advanced strategies from top affiliate marketers and start your own business without having to spend months to create sales funnels or thousands of dollars to test your sales pages. It’s basically, a business in the box, ready for you to use and make money!

Top Level Affiliate’s exclusive strategy updates help our students to grow their business without having to spend their own time and money on research and development. As the owner of a multi-million dollar company, I constantly look for new strategies, research and test different ideas that help me grow my business.

As a Top Level Affiliate member, you’ll have access to all of these new strategies and can use it for yourself without any limits. Our updates section alone puts you light years ahead of any other affiliate marketer out there and help you to truly become a super affiliate. In fact, out update section is one of the biggest reasons many people purchase Top Level Affiliate…

In addition to updates, we provide 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship so you won’t have to look for answers anywhere else and if that’s not enough, we will give you access to our private forum where you can communicate with other members, ask about their journey, share information and ask for their help directly.

An Active and Caring Community…

Top Level Affiliate course comes with an exclusive community where you can contact other students, communicate with experts, get new ideas, share new ideas and learn more from other students. Top Level Affiliate is one of the few training programs that shows such transparency and is based only on its student’s success with the program.

Meet Your Teacher…

Sean Bagheri is the CEO and founder of multiple eight-figure online companies including Aversity Inc. and one of the top Clickbank affiliates. He has grown multiple businesses to 8 figure simply using the marketing strategies that you will be learning inside this program.

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