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I just want to say that I have learned so much from Sean Bagheri – he provides ample value and helps his students (I am one of his CBMA students). I applied his strategies to my own affiliate marketing business. I’ve been making good progress, so this stuff works!

– Recent CB Masters Academy Student

  • First Ever Live Clickbank Course: Watch and learn as the instructor builds a successful campaign on the screen right in front of you.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Included: You won’t get left behind. Our coaches will answer your question as you learn and build your business.
  • Weekly Extra Bonuses Courses: Receive a brand new clickbank course for free every week to take your business to the next level.
  • Exclusive and Active Community: Communicate with other members, ask questions and learn from other students like yourself.
  • Weekly Updates and New Strategy Sessions: CB Masters Academy is the only clickbank course in the world that comes with weekly member- only strategy webinars where you learn about new to improve your campaigns and strategies.

Inside CB Masters Academy

With over $1.2 Millon dollars in sales on launch day, CB Masters Academy is known as the most popular and best Clickbank affiliate marketing course of all time. In this clickbank training course, Sean Bagheri, CEO and the Founder of Aversity will take you step by step through setting up a profitable affiliate marketing campaign that makes over $5,000 a month and will teach you everything there is to know about building a successful affiliate marketing business. You will also have full access to our private community, weekly clickbank for beginners strategy updates, live member-only webinars and more while you build your own online business and dream life.

What's Inside?

At a glance...

8 Module and 9 Hours of Detailed Training

CB Masters Academy is made of 8 individual modules with 9 hours of training videos and resources to teach you what it takes to start a successful affiliate marketing business.

Think about your life in a year…

Imagine yourself waking up whenever you want because you don’t have to work like the rest of people around you. Imagine checking your phone in the morning and see that you’ve made $681 so far before even looking at your computer…

You get up, work on your online business for 30 minutes while eating your breakfast. Then you turn off your computer to go out, maybe work out, run some errands, or plan a last minute vacation for your family in the middle of the week, simply because you have time freedom, money freedom and more importantly, location freedom… Think of the limitless possibilities you’ll have in your daily life…

Affiliate Marketing is the easiest and most profitable type of online business and CB Masters Academy is here to help you achieve your dream life using it. An average CB Masters Academy earns $11,000 a month, simply by implementing the strategies you’re about to learn inside.

Meet Your Teacher…

Sean Bagheri is the CEO and founder of multiple six-figure online companies including Aversity Inc. and one of the top Clickbank affiliates. He has grown multiple businesses to 6 figure simply using the marketing strategies that you will be learning inside this program.

In this program, you will have him as your personal coach and mentor to achieve affiliate marketing success with his exclusive Clickbank Affiliate Marketing strategies.

An Active and Caring Community…

CB Masters Academy comes with an exclusive community where you can contact other students, communicate with experts, get new ideas, share new ideas and learn more from other students. CB Masters Academy is one of the few training programs that shows such transparency and is based only on its student’s success with the program.

The Only Clickbank Course In The World With Exclusive Weekly Updates

World changes, people change, marketing changes and affiliate marketing changes with it. It’s important to stay on the top the affiliate marketing and expose yourself to the latest and newest tools and strategies to make sure your business keeps growing.

CB Masters Academy exclusive strategy updates helps our students to grow their business without having to spend their own time and money on research and development. As the owner of a multi-million dollar company, I constantly look for new strategies, research and test different ideas that help me grow my business.

As a CB Masters Academy member, you’ll have access to all of these new strategies and can use it for yourself without any limits. Our updates section alone puts you light years ahead of any other affiliate marketer out there and help you to truly become a super affiliate. In fact, out update section is one of the biggest reasons many people purchase CB Masters Academy…

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