Get Results With YouTube Ads

Our company has spent over 3 million dollar on YouTube Ads, so we know a thing or two about them! In this course, Sean Bagheri will teach you the basics of YouTube advertising and how to get consistent results with it.

What You'll Learn Inside:

How to Target The Right Audience In Your YouTube Ads

How to Create Amazing YouTube Ad Videos for Maximum Conversion

How to Do Competition Research To Learn From Your Competitors

How to Start YouTube Ads from A to Z and How to Optimize Them Later

About The YouTube Ads Basics Course

YouTube Advertising is one of the greatest and the most underused source of traffic for all marketers. YouTube ads can get complicated if not done right and can be a big money waster. In this YouTube Ad course, you'll learn how a seven figure company runs YouTube ads and you'll learn all of our YouTube ads secrets, from research phase to video creation and optimization.

Ready to Learn YouTube Advertising From a Super Affiliate?

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