7 Step Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Convert Leads to Sales Automatically

Turn your leads to sales using an effective 7 step funnel and automate your sales or upgrade process.

What You'll Learn:

How to Create an Effective 7 Step Funnel to Convert Leads to Sales

How to Write Effective Email Copies to Engage Your Subscribers

How to Structure Your Email Follow-up For Maximum Results

How to A/B Test Your Email Content to Find The Best Possible Copy

About The 7 Step Affiliate Marketing Funnel

7 Touch Funnel is an easy-to-follow and implements funnel plan and system to create a high converting lead generation and follow-up funnel to convert your free leads into sales using a special 7-day email follow-up system that tells a story and engages the audience.

In this course, you'll learn directly from Sean Bagheri, founder of Aversity and a Clickbank super affiliate. In this course, Sean will explain his entire funnel creation process and the important steps of converting a lead into a sale.

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