New Course: Affiliate Marketing Success with YouTube!

We all know YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, but did you know that YouTube has the highest conversion rate when it comes to affiliate sales? Recently, we published a brand new course on Aversity by Sean Bagheri where you learn to do affiliate marketing using YouTube traffic, without having to create videos of yourself.

If you’re camera-shy, you’re in luck because this is the course for you, assuming you want to learn affiliate marketing from a super affiliate!

Before we talk more about this course, watch this video as Sean himself explains the contents of this affiliate marketing course and how he's using these strategies to get affiliate sales on YouTube:

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So how does it work?

The idea is very simple. Instead of making boring videos of yourself selling products that you don't care about, you can use a simple and easy to learn tool to create amazing looking animation videos.

Animation videos work because they're visually pleasing to watch and they keep people on your videos, which increases the retention rate of your YouTube videos and ultimately, allows your video to be recommended more for more views.

Another benefit of animation videos is the fact that they're highly engaging when used as an ad. So if you're thinking about running YouTube Ads, they can be a useful tool to generate an enormous amount of leads and sales.

A Channel With 40,000 Subscribers!

Sean's personal channel has over 40,000 subscribers, which means that he knows a thing or two about YouTube and using it to earn affiliate commissions. 

Among Sean's students, he's known for his teaching lesson which makes everything easy for everyone to learn and follow.

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