A ClickFunnels Alternative For Marketers (and Why Did We Stop Using It)

I was one of the first people who started using Clickfunnels. The idea of it and the fact that it was built by a marketer, for marketers was just awesome. To this day, I believe Clickfunnels is the best landing page builder and marketing tool for entrepreneurs, affiliates, and marketers.

I want to make it clear that I don’t have anything against Clickfunnels, In fact, I still recommend it to our members, but about 6 months ago, I made a business decision to move away from Clickfunnels (and other page builders such as Leadpages.net) for the reasons below.

The transfer process wasn’t easy. I was a big Clickfunnels and Leadpages user (I still have my subscription with both even though I’m not using them). I had thousands of pages in there and re-building them somewhere else wasn’t easy.

Keep in mind that some of the issues I’m about to discuss here are only unique to my company, the Aversity and might not apply to individuals who are just getting started in this business. I’m also going to reveal my Clickfunnels alternative at the end.

Reason #1: No Code Freedom

As our company grew, our landing page needs was starting to change with it. We needed to add codes to specific parts of a page on a scale (across dozens of pages of a specific group) and Clickfunnels started to come a bit short in these areas.

We also needed full-page control for our future development plans, such as the Aversity Ad Network and other in house tools we are developing for our members and Clickfunnels couldn’t service these needs.

Reason #2: WordPress Integration Issues

I could easily put this as #1 reason but my developers didn’t let me! One of my biggest disappointments with Clickfunnels was the fact that how clunky the pages were when imported with their WordPress plugins. The pages would take forever to load and it would put major distress over the server resources.

Another issue was integration with other plugins we use on the Aversity website, such as our membership plugin and custom affiliate tracking software we developed to move away from Post Affiliate Pro.

Reason #3: Hosting Issues

This one is simple, but the costliest one. Based on our experience, Clickfunnels servers could go down from time to time and we can’t afford a second of that in Aversity.

To put that in perspective, every 10-minute downtime on Aversity costs us over $25,000 in sales and customers.

Reason #4: Not the Greatest Support For Big Accounts

This is another issue we’ve been dealing with and was the hardest to deal with. As a big company, our developers needed to be constantly in touch with Clickfunnels support for questions and their support isn’t the most responsive one.

I wish they had some sort of elite or premium support for bigger companies.

Reason #5: It Can Be Pricy For Some People

It’s important to not forget about the fact that we are in the business of teaching people to start a business and because of that, we are constantly talking about the tools we use in our own business…

For some of our members, Clickfunnels was a bit expensive and we had to move away from it to help our members find a better option, something that WE use and can teach them (and talk to them about it in our courses)

We used Leadpages for a while but eventually, we moved away from that one as well to a whole different world of business tools…

My Clickfunnels Alternative

If you’re using Clickfunnels for landing pages and payment processing, there is a way to build your own custom platform using a couple of premium WordPress plugins.

Here’s how much this method is going to save you:

You spend $97 a month on Clickfunnels. That’s $1,164 a year.

To set this up, you’ll need these plugins:

  • A hosting account: $5 a month OR $60/year
  • A WordPress site: free
  • Cloudflare account: free
  • Thrive Architect page builder: $67 (one-time payment)
  • WooCommerce Plugin: free
  • Cartflows: $24 a month OR $299 a year

Overall, this setup will cost you $359 a year, compared to the Clickfunnels $1,164 option.

This more affordable system will allow you to customize your carts and funnels way more than Clickfunnels and more importantly, you can create unlimited pages and funnels using it, compared to Clickfunnels’ 100 pages and 20 funnels limit.

Hope this article was helpful to see that there are more affordable options for new marketers out there.

If you need help setting up this system we explained above, you can contact us and for a small fee, you can have our experts set this up for you in minutes.

Alternatively, you can join the Aversity by becoming an Inner Circle Masterclass member and have your dedicated coach to help you set this up for free!

Aversity Inner Circle Masterclass will teach you the most effective way to start an online business and earn a passive income online, have access to our high ticket affiliate program that pays up to $4,000 per sale, dedicated coaching and much more.

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