Top Affiliate Friendly Clickbank Traffic Sources to Get Penny Clicks

When it comes to promoting Clickbank products, the traffic is the hardest part to get right. In this article, I’ll share my top Clickbank traffic sources with you and explain how I convert visitors from these traffic sources to Clickbank sales.

Before I dive into each one of these traffic sources and give you the details, here is a list of top Clickbank traffic sources:

  • Bing Ads
  • Solo Ads
  • Native Advertising (Content Ads)
  • Forums
  • YouTube Videos

So let’s get into the details of these Clickbank traffic sources and talk about each one of them but before we do that, watch the video below to get an idea on the first 3 traffic sources I’m going to talk about:

#1: Bing Ads

Bing advertising is the home to affiliate marketing PPC ads, for a big reason: They are easy on affiliate marketers and affiliate products.

Bing is generally much less harsh on affiliate marketers and allows marketing offers as long as they’re not too outrageous. For example, Bing works perfectly fine if you’re promoting Clickbank health-related or online business products as long as you have a presell page.

I’ve talked about the importance of preselling in Bing advertising in my “How To Get Penny Clicks on Bing Ads for Affiliate Marketing” article.

Another important factor that many people miss when running Bing ads is the ad flow.

Fixed example:

As shown in the image above, ad flow is the marketing language you use from the first click to your actual landing page and final offer.

Your ads must have a flow and follow the same numbers, content and marketing language in order for you to convert Bing traffic to sales. I’ve explained more on this inside CB Masters Academy course:

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#2: Solo Ads

Solo ads are the most popular ads in affiliate marketing. We have over a dozen articles about solo ads in our blog which shows our love for them!

Solo ads are basically ad spots you purchase from someone with a list. You give them the email subject and copy, with your link and they will send it out to their list.

Solo ads are the best way to build a list for your Clickbank business.

The video above will give you some tips on how to get the most out of every solo ad you purchase, but here are some of the new things that I’ve learned about solo ads:

You need to have your funnel figured out before you buy solo ads: Do your testing with another traffic source and make sure you funnel converts before you buy solo ads

Solo ad leads are considered cold traffic: It’s easy to build a list with solo ads, but it’s not so easy to convert them to sales. The traffic you get from solo ads is usually an “exhausted” traffic, meaning that they are being bombed with emails every day, so you’ll need to stand out by building a relationship with your leads.

#3: Native Advertising

Native ads are one of the most underused traffic sources of all time in the affiliate marketing world, just like Twitter ads.

A native ad usually shows within content and gives a natural and real flow. Native ads are usually content based ads and are best for articles and well written presell pages. Below is an example of native ads titled “paid content” shown on CNN’s home page:

Native ads blend in with the content around them (hence the name native) and look like a part of the website. They have a great conversion rate if used correctly and are affiliate friendly.

You can run native ads using platforms like OutbrainBing Syndicated Ads (shows on Yahoo! home page) and Adbeat.

#4: Forums

Forums are where the conversation about your topic is already taking place and that makes them the best place to find your potential customers. In our recent article about forum traffic, I mentioned that there are 2 ways to get traffic from forums. (I recommend you to read the full article for more details)

Be an active member of the forum: Provide value, help other members and share your links when it makes sense. Forum owners appreciate active members!

Create your own forum: Another way to get some serious traffic to your offers is owning your own forum. You can start a forum using a CMS like Discourse and build an amazing community for yourself.

#5: YouTube Videos

I made my first Clickbank commission 7 years ago from YouTube and have a YouTube channel with almost 30,000 subscribers. YouTube videos for a long time were my #1 source of Clickbank sales.

Making YouTube videos will do magic in affiliate marketing. It establishes you as a real person and people generally trust you more. When people trust you more, it’ll take less effort from your side to sell products.

On the other side, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and people look for answers on YouTube almost as much as Google so utilizing YouTube for your affiliate marketing business is a must!

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