Clickbank Affiliate Course: How to Turn $50 into $500

Have you ever wondered how Clickbank super affiliates earn those big commissions? The answer is this: they use a simple, yet proven sales method that can turn $50 of their money into $500 Clickbank commissions.

When you have a system like this, you can earn an unlimited amount of money as a Clickbank affiliate by just investing more money as you earn more…

In this Clickbank affiliate guide/course, I’m going to show you how super affiliates are making money on Clickbank, and how anyone with a little bit of time can copy their business model…

Before we begin, take a moment to watch this amazingly detailed Clickbank training video that I made for this post. In this video, I went over the entire strategy in details so in case if you don’t have the time to read the article, watching the video would also teach you everything in detail:

The Funnel That Can Turn $50 into $500

The idea with this funnel is simple: start with a good and engaging quiz to force the user to engage with your page, then ask for their name and email and send them to your affiliate link.

The quiz funnels are one of the most powerful ways to generate Clickbank sales mainly because the visitors feel that the resulting offer is more customized to their needs and goals. This creates a higher engagement rate on the opt-in section and higher conversion rates on the sales page.

Another important element of your quiz funnel that is critical to your success is the email follow-up. Keep in mind that people get hundreds of emails every day, so don’t overwhelm them with too many. Try to send a few emails every week, but keep them simple, clean, and valuable.

This way, people look forward to your emails and will open the next ones you’ll send.

Tools We’re Going to Use for Our Clickbank Business

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of the funnel, let’s go over some of the tools you’re going to use for your Clickbank business.

The first tool you need is a simple self-hosted WordPress website. Keep in mind that this is different from WordPress.com which doesn’t allow you to install plugins and modify your website to your needs.

In order to start a WordPress website, you need a hosting service and a domain. If you decide to use Bluehost (our recommended hosting service), you can get your domain free of charge!

The next tool you need is your landing page builder and the tools you’re going to use to create quizzes on your website. For this, we use Thrive Suite which is a series of incredible tools to help you build an online business.

And finally, to finish everything up, you’re going to need an autoresponder to automate your email marketing. For this, we use Aweber but you can use any other services that you’d like and they all work great with your quiz builder tool (Thrive Suite).

How to Find Good Clickbank Products to Promote

One of the most important steps of your Clickbank success is choosing a good product to promote. Without a good product, most of the sales you’re going to generate will result in refunds and your marketing efforts will be for nothing.

When choosing a Clickbank product, make sure to check the sales page first. Make sure the page has a great sales copy, a great sales video, and more importantly, a great call to action.

The next thing to check for is the gravity and the affiliate section of the product. The more material they provide for affiliates, the better the product will be. This shows that the owner cares about the product.

Also, try to contact the product owner if possible and ask for review access. This is going to allow you to see what’s inside and will give you a better idea of what you’re selling. It can also help you develop better sales copy and future sales material for your Clickbank funnel.

The Best Traffic Sources for This Clickbank Affiliate Funnel

Finally, when it comes to traffic, this funnel works the best when the visitors are coming from PPC sources such as Bing search ads and video ads like YouTube ads.

Although this is something I’m going to go over in details in the next few days in a separate video (subscribe to my YouTube channel here), here are a few tips to get the most out of your Clickbank advertising budget:

For Pay Per Click, try to focus on a few keywords. Separate the keywords inside each ad group and ad a single keyword to each ad group. Target phrase, exact, and broad matches to get the most data for each keyword.

Also adding the price of the product in your ad copy can prevent people who can’t afford your product from clicking your ads.

For YouTube ads, I usually create 3 ad videos for each funnel. 2 Ad videos will just provide pure value and I use discovery ads to drive traffic and views to them. Then I use an instream short video ad to target people who watched over 50% of the previous two valuable videos and send them to the quiz funnel.

How to Generate Clickbank Commissions Easily, Up to $3,000 a Day

One of the easiest ways to make $3,000 a day as a Clickbank affiliate is to be in a program and system that provides everything you need from A to Z.

Aversity Gold Masterclass is one of the most popular online business and affiliate marketing courses in the world and it’s going to provide you with some of the most detailed step by step training videos in the world to help you build a profitable online business on Clickbank or any other affiliate network from A to Z.

Aversity Gold Masterclass will also assign you a dedicated coach who will help you every single step of the way. No matter what you need, from funnel building to traffic, website and tech support, or even ideas for your funnels, emails, or products to choose from, our coaches will help you build a successful business as fast as possible.

Aversity Gold Masterclass will also give you full access to our high ticket affiliate program which is much better than Clickbank. Our high ticket program is one of the best paying affiliate programs in the world and over 25,000 people are actively promoting our affiliate program every month.

In our high ticket program, a simple $25 sale can turn into a $3,000 sale in less than 4 days and that’s the power of a high ticket program. This means you can focus on selling cheap products and our team and funnels will turn it into high ticket sales and pay you the commission!

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