Aversity Careers

We're always looking for talented people who can bring new skills to our company! Here's a list of available positions at the moment:

Google Cloud Expert (full time - local)

You'll be leading our cloud team to help us maintain our website on Google cloud and solve all of the potential security and technical issues. You will need to be familiar with Google Cloud instances, WordPress, load balancers, cloud CDN, and etc...

Copywriter (full time - local)

For this position, we're looking for 5 copywriters who are familiar and have experience in writing content for affiliate marketing, digital marketing and online business related subjects and can deliver a 2500 words high-quality article a day.

SEO Expert (full time - local)

As a SEO expert, you will be working with our copywriting team closely to optimize Aversity for maximum search engine rankings. You will need to have at least 3 years of experience in SEO.