Do You Need to Build a List for Every Affiliate Product You Promote?

Everybody knows that list building is the most important part of any online business and a list is considered the most valuable asset in any business but do you always need to build a list when promoting something?

Does it worth the time and effort to create a funnel and landing pages for every product you promote? That’s what I’m going to share with you in this article and video!

Let’s start with a great video on this subject. Video below will give you some of the basics of “conditional list building” and will explain when do you need to build a list when promoting a product:

Let’s talk about the video. The first step into figuring out if you need to build a list for a product or not is the relationship.

Ask yourself this: Do you need to build a relationship with your potential customers in this niche or in this particular product or even better, do you need to build a list for that particular funnel?

If the answer is yes, and then you will need to build a list!

The next step is the competition. The lower the competition is in a niche, the fewer people are interested in it and it’s likely that people are not willing to give out their information in an opt-in page.

So if you should build a list if you’re promoting a product in a big niche with a ton of competition, so this way you get the chance to establish trust and a relationship with your potential customers.

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