We Spent $12,732 on Udimi Solo Ads, Here’s What Happened

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Solo ads are the fastest way to build a list and business, but if not done correctly, you can lose a lot of money. In this article, you’ll learn how I spent over $12,000 on Udimi, what I did and what kind of results I got with it.

I get solo ads related questions all the time, and the problem is that everyone is looking for a simple solution because the idea of the solo ads seems very simple, but I can assure you that the truth is opposite.  I know that you’re looking for more information on Udimi and I’m going to talk about that soon, but give me a minute to talk about something more important than just Udimi: your money.

If you want to make solo ads work, you need to understand the traffic, where they are coming from, what’s their mindset and how to make changes to your funnels to make it work. I’ve talked about different funnels in my previous blog posts or even in Home Business Bootcamp, but solo ads have their own funnel, to begin with.

To get started, watch the video below where I explain how to make solo ads work:

Your solo ads transition is important

I’ve talked about transition countless times and how it affects the conversion rates because it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do in your campaign. If you say one thing in your email copy and another thing in your landing page, things will go wrong and it’ll affect your conversion rates in ways you can’t imagine.

How to make Udimi solo ads work?

It’s about time to talk about the elephant in the room, the Udimi.

Here’s the problem with Udimi:

Buying solo ads isn’t easy and it’s never been easy. Back then, you had to deal with the solo ad provider, negotiate the price, make sure he’s not selling you fake clicks and everything. It seemed complicated and that’s why solo ads was a very closed market but Udimi changed everything, which was good and bad.

Udimi made it easier to buy solo ads for newbies which started creating very unrealistic expectations in the affiliate marketing world. Because the idea of solo ads is simple and now thanks to Udimi, buying it is easy too, they always convert and make you money, but that’s not true.

In order to get the best results with solo ads, you need to research the provider’s history and figure out how they’re generating their list, then contact them and start from small purchases, then work your way up if the traffic is good.

We invested $12,732 in Udimi solo ads, here are the results:

These are the first things I learned after investing this much money:

  • Most of the times, you won’t make your money back immediately
  • Solo ads success depends on your brand and how well you build a relationship with your subscribers
  • It’s a smart idea to also generate pixel data to retarget your leads from solo ads in Facebook and YouTube (helps with branding)

My first ad was to a presell page without an opt-in request, the goal was to get people to engage with the content (text and videos), then send them to a Clickbank offer.

I invested $100 in solo ads and made a $37 commission. I did the same thing a couple of more times with different offers and pages.

After investing almost $1,000 in ads, I found out the best way to profit from solo ads is to go with the common way, which is building a list.

If you’re one of those people who buy solo ads and doesn’t get any sales from them, here’s how I turned this total $12,732 solo ads investment into over $50,000 in cash:

  1. Solo ads are like cold traffic, so you need to build a relationship: Have a personal website or YouTube channel and ask them to follow you there in your first follow-up email.
  2. Keep a flow from Opt-in page to your final sales pitch page: Follow a theme in your marketing language and don’t change your words. For example, if your landing page says they will lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, you should repeat the same thing everywhere without changing the numbers.
  3. Don’t invest your money if you’re not ok with losing it: This one is clear.
  4. Be different: People who join your list from a solo ad email blast are being bombarded with emails every day, so the key is to stand out, be different and hands on.

How to find the best solo ad providers on Udimi?

This is an important question that has a long answer, and I’m going to start with a video. Watch the video below to learn how I find the best solo ads on Udimi:

As I explained in the video above, the best way to find good solo ads on Udimi is to join the conversation. At this point, Udimi even has a forum where you can research providers and learn more about them before buying solo ads form them which is a big plus.

If you’d like to learn the best way to make affiliate commissions using Udimi, I recommend the CB Masters Academy course where you learn how I make six-figures a month promoting affiliate products. In this program, you will also get a FULL solo ads course as a bonus!

Let me know what you think about my Udimi experience in the comments below and join the Aversity if you’re to start a life-changing online business.