Motivation is a Myth:This is BETTER for Struggling Affiliate Marketers 

 August 1, 2019

By  Aversity Staff

So you downloaded 25 ebooks this week (so far).

Subscribed to so many gurus that your YouTube playlist scrolls for days.

It’s the 10th affiliate marketing course you’ve bought in the last 6 months.

…and your credit cards — all 5 of them — maxed out last month and you haven’t made a single penny in affiliate marketing yet…


“Maybe you just aren’t motivated enough?” says your friend.

While a little ‘liquid motivation’ (aka mocha frappuccino) can help kick-start your morning, no amount of motivational quotes will save you from failing as an affiliate marketer.

In this article, I intend to help shift the mindset of the struggling affiliate marketer.

It’s not as hard as you are making it!

Affiliate Marketing Success Formula

No, you don’t have to keep reading all the way to the bottom of the page to see what the formula is.

But first…

…I am no stranger to experiencing unexplained paradoxes and, given my unique vantage point as an instructor, I’ve seen many bright-eyed students join the pile of washouts (too quickly).

If your list of excuses includes one of these:

  • too old to learn to build a website
  • too young to care about having financial freedom
  • not enough money to get started
  • busy with full-time work
  • unsupportive spouse/friends/family

…it’s time to drop it like a hot potato.

I can confidently say that the secret to succeeding as an online marketer has always been hidden in plain sight.

High-Ticket SECRET: Few Sales → Big Commissions → Instant motivation

For every person I witnessed give up too early, I saw someone in the same situation succeed.

All that was needed was to continue following through, even with excuses!

That’s right! Bring your excuses along for the ride. Whatever you do, stick to your plan and keep taking action.

How Long Does It Take To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer?

This is a very common question.

Without knowing your work ethic, level of commitment, discipline, perseverance and so on, the amount of time can vary from a few months to over a year or more.

It’s true that the first sale is always the hardest.

Once you breach that Level 1, however, doubling your income can come even faster. In this article (with infographic) I reveal the ONE THING that regular affiliates can do to increase profits exponentially.

This shift in how you operate as a digital marketer will take you to the coveted super affiliate level.

Whatever you do, stay away from promoting the products I mention in this video. It’s the slow path to success.

Is Passive Income Possible?

Of course, it is!

To be clear, you always have to put in the necessary work to build and maintain your business.

You can delegate and hire out parts of it which in turn free up your time to either optimize your current business further or simply build a second (or third) one.

What people dream about when they hear the word “passive” is the ability to earn money without trading time for dollars.

And that is a reality that thousands of others are already living.

For some, the dream is to earn $3,000 online working 12 hours a week. A week. It can be done and here’s how. [2-min reading time]

Start a 1-Person Marketing Business on a Shoe-String Budget 3x Faster

Arguably the most popular place to learn affiliate marketing and become acquainted with product and vendor networks is to check out Clickbank.

Clickbank (if you don’t know), is not the name of a course or system. It’s an online marketplace. I don’t know any affiliates who don’t use Clickbank.

The first course I ever created was exactly about how to profit from Clickbank, and students liked it so much that I created our flagship program shortly after, called Gold Masterclass.

Once again, it received raving reviews and so many people became full-time online marketers because of it. There’s just no excuse left to start doing this TODAY!

I love this stuff so much, that I listened carefully to my students’ feedback.

After restructuring Gold Masterclass version 1, I realized there actually was a way to implement my tips & tricks 3x faster and costing LESS to implement than before.

This month I plan to release the upgraded version 2 of my flagship course, Gold Masterclass. I wrote a brief teaser here.

It’s Hard To Find Support As a Lone Wolf Affiliate Marketer

Even though it’s almost 2020, you’d be surprised how many people think making a full-time income using the internet is a new thing.

Because of that uninformed way of thinking, you might have noticed that your friends and family don’t really support the idea, especially when you tell them about how amazing it all sounds.

You can show them results from hundreds of YouTube videos, but they still just want to stay in their own version of reality. That’s okay.

That’s why I created a growing community of other like-minded affiliate marketers so that we keep each other motivated, share success tips and learn how to use different traffic sources and how to optimize sales funnels (just to name a few topics we cover). Join the Aversity forum for free.

Spending vs Investing Time

Whether it’s producing my next video, writing my next article or answering questions on our forum, I enjoy the small wins. Here is what I mean by “small wins”.

Everything I do with my time, I view it as an investment. Replying to YouTube comments is a way I can offer a hand to someone. That makes me feel good. That’s a small win.

Running a split test on a new landing page and knowing that optimizing it will increase conversions without spending more money… that’s a small win too.

The list of daily activities that allow my business to run might intimidate some of you. But I enjoy the whole process. I collect so many small wins throughout the day and the outcome is more of an afterthought.

If you’ve been struggling to increase your affiliate commissions (or make your first penny), don’t put your focus on results.

Instead, focus on the process and doing it correctly and efficiently. If you have a To-Do list, follow through on it as much as your busy schedule allows, and feel good every time you check off an item. Another small win!

If Not Motivation, Then What?

The struggling affiliate is stuck watching courses without taking action, asking 100 questions without taking action, buying more books to read and getting ready to ‘get ready’.

A successful affiliate marketer is easy to spot. They are busy testing things, breaking plugins, uploading another YouTube video, posting on social media sites, making mistakes, getting back up.

I’m sure you can guess by now…

Motivation? That’s not what it takes to succeed, my friend.

…action. That’s the sweet stuff.

→ (Gold Masterclass had a serious makeover. Click the button below to join using the special offer!)

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