Results After 3 Days: Commissions From Sending Visitors to Aversity!

In a blog post last week, we officially announced the release of our cost per engagement program. This new system, in addition to our already optimized new partners’ program will allow you to earn commissions by sending visitors to Aversity blog posts and forum content, and even earn a commission if a sale is made through that initial visit.

In this update video, I’m going to show you the commissions made through this system during a test run that we did and I will also talk about a couple of new things I forgot to mention and more ways this system can help you make money online using Aversity:

This brand new system on the Aversity partners’ program has a huge potential and will give you the ability to simply earn money for every click, which is unheard of on any affiliate network.

If you’re not an Aversity member, you can become a gold member (which will allow you to earn even more commissions for sales and visits) by clicking the button below.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns!