The New Partners Program (Affiliate Program) is Now Available

Aversity partners program (the affiliate program) went public over a year ago, and since then, our members have generated over $5,000,000 in sales! After the initial release of the partners program, we’ve been planning for a major update to improve user experience and after months of work, the new partners program is here!

In today’s post, I’m going to provide as much detail as possible about the new partners program, what’s new, how to transfer or move into the new platform and a lot more.

Before we start, watch the video below where I explain what’s new with the new platform:

Important: How to Move Your Existing Affiliate Account from The Old Platform to The New One?

If you’re an affiliate and have been promoting Aversity using the old platform, you need to move your account to the new one as soon as possible. The old links WON’T STOP WORKING until December 2019, but it’s going to be inaccessible by August 31st. It’s important to transfer your account to the new platform to before that date.

To transfer your account:

  1. Contact support (submit a ticket) and ask for an account transfer
  2. Provide your old account email address (the one you used to login to the old partner dashboard)
  3. Choose a password for your new account (you can change this later after logging into the new dashboard)
  4. and finally, wait for the confirmation. The support team will transfer your account information (sales and unpaid balance)
  5. When everything is done, you can access your account using Aversity’s usual login page
  6. After accessing your account, it’s important to change all of your old affiliate links as soon as possible.

Now, let’s go over some of the points I mentioned in the video above.

Integrated Platform

One of our biggest goals since the initial release of the affiliate program has been its integration with Aversity website. In the old platform, members had to create a separate account, verify it with our affiliate manager and use separate login information.

The new platform is all integrated with the members’ area, so everything you need is going to be accessible within your dashboard. You don’t need separate login information, all new future members will automatically become a partner and earn commissions based on their membership level.

Pay Per Lead For All Campaigns

To make it more rewarding for our members and affiliates to promote Aversity funnels, we made ALL opt-in funnels pay per lead as well as pay per sale. Meaning that not only you’ll earn commissions for a sale, you’ll also earn commissions for leads you refer.

New Link & Tracking System

This is going to be the most important change, especially for affiliates and members who are already promoting Aversity. Moving forward, the tracking system will only track unique clicks and will change to a short link format. The old links won’t stop working immediately, but we recommend changing your links to the new system as soon as possible to avoid losing traffic and sales.

Simplified Interface

We decided to use the user data we received from the previous platform to make the new interface as simple as possible.

The new user interface and partner dashboard is simple, doesn’t have tools you don’t need or won’t confuse newcomers. It’s designed to keep it simple and make the process as fast as possible for members.

In the new platform, we simply have 4 sections: Stats, Links, Tools, and Training.

You can explore these sections by visiting your profile or watch the video above to get a visual.

All Tools in One Place

In previous platform, we had 2 separate sections dedicated to affiliate and partner tools. One for the free affiliate registration and one for the existing members. In the new platform, we’ve created a unified page that contains all tools in one place, making it easier for members to find what they need without any confusion.

New Affiliate Fees

Moving forward, there will be a monthly fee of $9 for new affiliates. Existing affiliates or members who registered with the old platform don’t have to pay this fee to be a part of the new partners’ program. Also, there won’t be any monthly fees for users who have purchased any Aversity courses.

For example, if you become a Gold Masterclass member, your partners’ account will become active automatically and you won’t need to pay the monthly fee to promote Aversity products.