May Update: New Member-Only Coaching Videos

Welcome back to another update! In this quick blog post, I’m going to talk about the brand new member-only videos we just published, and also upcoming updates in the next month!

Before we start, watch the video below to learn more about these brand new training videos we just published:

In case if you didn’t watch the video above, here are some details on the new member-only training videos:

Coaching #31: Using Bing Ads and Aversity Tools to Earn High Ticket Aversity Commissions

Coaching #32: Top Websites to Purchase PLR content for your funnels, and marketing campaigns

Coaching #33: How to Generate Free Traffic and Sales Using Pinterest on Autopilot

Coaching #34: How to Generate Free Traffic and Sales Using Twitter on Autopilot

Future updates:

Next month, we’re going to bring back daily blog posts. We’re going to publish 5 brand new detailed posts every week, and will plan to accept more guest posts and member content, so if you’re planning to write for us to earn money, we suggest you to start writing!

We’re also going to bring back these:

  • 5-Minute Marketing Training Series (every week, Saturday)
  • Monthly Link Roundups (30th of every month)
  • Top Forum Topic Roundup (Every 2 weeks, on 1st and 15th of each month)

Now that our content plan is out, let’s talk about theme changes…

Starting next month, we’re going to move Aversity from our existing theme into a more clean and modern theme. The changes will be gradual, and we will start with front pages, then backend member pages, and finally, blog and forum pages.

So don’t get surprised when you see a new and cleaner look!