The Monday Stock Market Crash is Major Opportunity For Long Term Investors!

The stock market today went absolutely crazy! March 9th’s stock crash was not unexpected. It was a direct aftermath of the Sunday oil price drop and the coronavirus fears growing, specifically in the U.S.

As a long terms investor, I don’t care much about price drops because my strategy is simple: buy, hold, and get dividend payments while doing it but when the prices drop like this, I think about buying more stocks and that’s what I’m going to talk about…

In the video below, I’m going to explain how I’m using the temporary recession caused by oil price drops and coronavirus fears to build a nice and profitable portfolio on Robinhood!

Before you start investing in stock market, it’s important to know some important facts:

Ex-dividend date:
This is the date and time you will need to own the stock before you become eligible for the upcoming dividend payout.

Usually, payout times are 2 weeks after the ex-dividend date, so make sure you use to find the company you want to invest in and buy enough stocks before the ex-dividend date.

Companies Don’t Have to Pay You Dividends:
Keep in mind that dividend payouts are not required by FCC, this means that a company can decide to not pay dividends if they feel like they can’t afford it.

As I mentioned before, companies will do almost anything to not miss a dividend payout to keep their investors happy, but remember that this is a possibility.

Close-end Funds:
Close-end funds are the lesser-known part of the stock market. These stocks pay great dividends but also can fluctuate easier. Since these companies are basically investment companies and make money off of investing in loans and other stocks, how they do depends on how the economy is doing in general.

The Full Training Video:

I made a full training video for Aversity members about this subject showing my entire portfolio, talking about some long term investment strategies and the best ways to find top dividend-paying companies.

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