Here’s How You Make $10,000 a Week (Easier Than You Think)

$10,000 a week isn’t a small number to toss around, but if you know what it takes to achieve it, you’ll come to understand that it’s easier than you think to make $10,000 a week online from home.

In this article, I’ll share case studies and strategies that any average person without any marketing or sales knowledge can use to achieve financial freedom.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The basics of making $10,000 a week or $40,000 a month
  • How to set up a system that will make you $10,000 a week automatically
  • How to create online income systems without actually setting anything up!
  • Perks of having an automated online business
  • and finally, how to get $3,205 worth of bonuses when you start your business

First, lets talk about the basics of making $10,000 a week and basically what it takes to make it happen. For that, I have a video that will explain it. This is a must watch:

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Here are the basics, if you didn’t watch the video above. In order to make $10,000 a week, you will need to start a business that will make you high ticket commissions. Common affiliate marketing or online business methods won’t get you anywhere if your goal is to make that much.

Because of that, you’ll need to have funnel where you get customers at lower cost and convert them to high paying customers in future. This is done using high ticket internet marketing and there are many ways to start it which we will talk about in this article.

Think about it…

If your goal is to make $10,000/week, you have 2 options to achieve it.

Option 1 is to sell low price points small products and make small commissions, $25 per sale for example.

Option 2 (the better option) is to sell high price point products and make big commissions, $1,000 per sale for example.

You might say that it’s not easy to sell high price point products and that’s where you’re wrong! With what I’m about to teach you, you won’t even need to sell it, other people will do it for you! Programs like Aversity Partners’ Program will allow you to enter the high-profit world of high ticket internet marketing without having to sell anything by yourself because the system will do it for you!

How to set up a system that will make you $10,000 a week automatically

Let’s get into some details of a profitable business model like this. The backend is quite simple but it’s but it can get complicated if you’re planning to build it by yourself. Take a look at this blueprint:

You get a prospect to join your email marketing list using lead generation techniques, then you start by selling them a low price point product, like a $97 or even $20 product. Once they join and become familiar with your company or product, then you gradually start sending them to a high price point offer and make that big commission.

The goal is to establish trust before selling a high-end product to avoid scaring potential customers with a $2,000 price tag.

You can use tools like Aweber, Leadpages, and WordPress to build a system. Also, this video can help you to get a good grip on email marketing.

But doing these will take months or even years if you don’t know anything about marketing and automation tools and that’s why you’ll need to use done for you systems…

How to do build your $10,000/week system without building anything…

You can do this by using done for you high ticket programs, like Aversity. These programs have everything done for you.

  • Done For You Landing Pages
  • Done For You Front and Backend Offers
  • Done For You Coaching Systems
  • Full Training and Education to Help You Take Everything to the next level

How to claim your $3,205 bonus right now…

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