How To Become A Super Affiliate In 5 Easy Steps

The word “super affiliate” might seem a little bit scary if you’re new to affiliate marketing, but I can assure you becoming a super affiliate isn’t as hard as you think.

How To Become A Super Affiliate In 5 Easy Steps

First, let’s define the word “super affiliate”:

A super affiliate is an affiliate marketer who earns more than %99 of other affiliate marketers when promoting affiliate products and usually has a steady and proven strategy to dominate any product promotion.

Based on the study we published a couple of months ago, super affiliates earn anything from $20,000 to $500,000 a month in commissions.

So how do you become a super affiliate? What does it really take to dominate product promotions and become the #1?

Let’s break it down…

There are 2 elements in making an affiliate sale, traffic and conversion. Being a super affiliate is all about being super good at these 2.

how to be a super affiliate

So here are 5 easy steps to become a super affiliate:

  • Know What You’re Selling
  • Stand Out
  • Build a Relationship with Your Vendor
  • Build a Buyer List
  • Don’t Forget High Ticket Products

Now let’s talk about each one of these steps individually:

Step #1: Know What You’re Selling

This is one of the most common mistakes made by new affiliates. It’s impossible to sell something if you don’t know what you’re selling.

Imagine you’re a car salesman and you’re trying to sell a car, but you haven’t seen the car yet, or you don’t know anything about it and its condition.

As you see, it’s important to know what’s inside every product you want to promote as an affiliate.

You can either contact product owner (vendor) and ask for a review access or simply purchase the product with your own affiliate link to save 50% or more (based on your commission rate).

Go through the training, see what you’re selling, take some screenshots or make a YouTube video about it. Watch the video below to learn more about this:

Step #2: Stand Out

Standing out is one of the keys to dominating affiliate sales in the super affiliate world.

Remember that there is a chance that thousands of people are selling the same product as you, so you need to do something to stand out.

I personally do this by providing a bonus to everyone who buys the product. I create a presell page to explain the benefits of the product, then I’ll show a list of bonuses they will get if they join the program.

Learn how I create valuable bonus packages in minutes for my products in Aversity Gold Masterclass affiliate marketing training.

Then in order for the visitor to claim their bonus, they need to send their purchase information to my email.

After I verify the purchase, I send them a download link to access the content. I usually use Order ID to confirm affiliate purchases, since that’s a number that both buyer and seller will have access to.

Providing bonuses will also help you build an email list of buyers. I will talk about this one more in step #4.

Watch the video below as I explain the importance of standing out with your affiliate offers in order to achieve a super affiliate status:

Step #3: Build a Relationship with Your Vendor

The only person in the world that knows best how to sell a product is the person who created it. Keeping close relations with the product creator or vendor will allow you to have access to information that outside affiliates usually don’t have.

Put yourself in their inner circle by showing interest and excitement in promoting their product.

Ask questions and learn from them, but don’t annoy them with too many questions. They’re not here to teach you affiliate marketing. Use them to get tips and little golden nuggets to optimize your campaigns.

Watch the video below as I teach some of my secret tips in building a relationship with vendors and product owners:

Step #4: Build a Buyer List

A buyer list will put you light years ahead of anyone else out there. It takes a bit of work to create but it’ll worth it.

This is where some of the new affiliate marketers get lazy, so if you’re serious about becoming a super affiliate, take this one very serious.

Most of the money made in every business comes from an existing customer and affiliate marketing follows the same rule.

become a super affiliate

Your existing customers (people who have bought a product from your affiliate link in past) are your best source of MORE sales and MORE money, so don’t forget to capture their information before you send them off to the sales page.

Usually, it’s impossible to capture your buyer’s information when doing affiliate marketing since product owners don’t share their buyer list with affiliates (why should they?).

So you’ll have to use a simple but effective trick to build your buyer list. Watch the video below to learn how I do this:

As I explained a bit about this in step #2, I use a bonus giveaway to get my buyers to capture their name, email and Order ID.

When someone submits their information to claim their bonus, I capture their information and save it in my autoresponder for future use.

Using this bonus giveaway strategy, I both increase my sales by standing out and also build a buyer list for my future use.

Step #5: Don’t Forget High Ticket Products

High ticket products are the key to becoming a successful super affiliate. Without them, you won’t be able to earn more than 20k/mo in affiliate marketing no matter how many products you sell.

Every successful marketer and guru sells an expensive product at the end of their funnel because the key to making lots of money in affiliate marketing is your sales quality, not quantity.

This means that the key to success is to earn more per customer. This way you won’t have to rely on getting new customers in order to keep your head above the water.

Watch the video below as I explain more about high ticket products and their importance in your online business:

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