Aversity Publisher Program

Hi everyone, the Aversity publisher program is finally here! This tool is our first in-house tool to help Aversity members use Aversity website and it’s content to earn money online. We have about half a dozen more tools that we’re going to release in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

First, watch the video below from Sean’s channel to learn about this tool, its abilities and a basic rundown of how this tool is going to help you make money online:


Now that you know the basics, let’s dive into some of the details. First, here’s a list of requirements you need to follow when writing an article to get published:

  1. Your articles must be at least 800 words and unique. We run multiple deep plagiarism checks on every article.
  2. Make sure to use at least a video from Sean Bagheri or Aversity YouTube channels in the first 50 words of your article.
  3. Use H1, H2 and H3 tags in your article (headlines)
  4. Always create or find a 1280×720 pixels thumbnail image for your article and include it in the content
  5. Break down your content into short sentences and make it interesting to read.
  6. Break down your article into sections and use headlines for each section.
  7. Lightly promote a particular Aversity course in every single article but don’t be pushy (your affiliate link)
  8. Link to other blog posts or blog categories once in every 300 words
  9. Link to an external website in every 400 words (if needed)

Some optional advice (you don’t have to do this for every article, but do it if the article feels empty or needs more material, this will also win you points in getting published quicker!)

  1. Link to Aversity forum topics for added value and quote users and their answers.
  2. Use charts and data if necessary. You can create them in Canva.com

Some Tips:

We prioritize high-quality articles so don’t forget to provide valuable information when writing articles to publish on Aversity.

The best way to convert your readers to sales using your affiliate link is in-content links. For example, instead of having a full call to action link to the course or page you’re promoting, you should mention it in the article, like “the most effective way to earn money on Clickbank is to use the quiz promotion method (thought in CB Masters Academy)”

Here’s a good example of an article written by an Aversity member which was approved: https://aversity.com/blog/3000-day-home-highly-leveraged

Some Other Rules:

  • We may edit or change your article a little bit if needed, and you will know about these changes before your article is published.
  • You can’t edit your article again once it’s published, so make sure everything is looking great before you submit your article.

Publisher Dashboard Tutorial:

You can access your publisher dashboard by logging into your account and going to Profile > Publisher Dashboard.

Additionally, you can learn more about working with the publisher program and how to work with it using the small training provided in that section.