How to Properly do Affiliate Marketing with Google Adwords? 

 December 28, 2017

By  Aversity Staff

How to Properly do Affiliate Marketing with Google Adwords?

Last Updated on September 1st, 2019 With Latest Google Ads (old AdWords) changes

Update: I just noticed this article reached 1 million views, so I decided to update it with my latest results and Google Ad tips.

First of all, Google just changed its advertising platform name from Google AdWords to Google Ads, so don’t get confused by names, they’re both the same!

Also since I made the video for this article and published it on Aversity blog, the Google Ads platform got a brand new look. This change was addressed in Aversity Gold Masterclass, so if you’re a member, jump into the paid traffic module and learn about these new features.

Google AdWords policy clearly states that the “Bridge Pages” are not allowed and this policy is one that’s enforced extremely toughly yet Google gives you ways to bypass this without violating their policy.

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and that’s what you’ll learn in this article.

The bridge page policy means that you can’t simply use your website as a “presell” page to send visitors to another website or product. For some reason, It’s impossible to get an answer from Google’s customer service or their “AdWords experts” so let me save you some time and trouble. This comes from MANY years of experience and thousands of dollars in AdWords…

EVERY AFFILIATE WEBSITE violates the bridge page policy. Let me say that again. EVERY AFFILIATE SITE VIOLATES the AdWords bridge page policy.

so what is the solution?

I mean, AdWords is an affiliate marketers’ dream…targeted traffic at a low price…who doesn’t want that?

The solution is simple, yet a little complicated…

In order to do affiliate marketing with Google Adwords, you need to change your affiliate marketing strategy. Meaning that, no affiliate websites or promotion articles.

and here’s why that’s a GOOD thing:

This will force you to try more effective affiliate marketing strategies, like list and funnel building. Simply, you need to have a landing page, generate leads and send your offer to them after they join your list.

This strategy doesn’t violate AdWord’s policy, as long as you’re not claiming anything crazy on your landing page and have a disclaimer at the button of the page stating results or promises are not guaranteed.

Watch this video as I explain my methods of bypassing this AdWord Policy:

We all know that there are many sites that violate this policy but Google turns a blind eye to these because they spend a considerable amount of money on ads which brings me to another confirmed theory.

As you invest more money in ads and your advertising spend grows, Google will start to turn a blind eye on some of your ads that violate their policy.

A good example of this is Tai Lopez, an internet marketing and life coaching guru that claims all sorts of crazy things in his videos, yet his ads run all over the place on YouTube and Google’s Ad network.

How Do We Do Affiliate Marketing With Google Ads

Our company, the Aversity is another example of Google Ads blind eye on “marketing” ads.

To this date, we’ve invested over $2,500,000 in Google Ads. After we invested more than $30,000, Google assigned an Ads expert to our account where we could be in direct contact. This way, if we had issues with an ad, we could get it approved instantly by contacting Google.


Google seems strict when it comes to “Bridge page” policy or affiliate sites, but there are other ways to run advertising campaigns that don’t violate Google’s policy and you should consider doing them.

Here’s what you should do:

First, run some ads to a landing page that follows Google’s advertising rules, invest some money on Google ads to age your account.

Second, start contacting Google and ask questions about the ads you’re having problems with. (the ones they disapprove)

Third, invest more money in ads and get their attention while you profit from your ads.

Finally, after a short time, Google will contact you and give you a dedicated ad expert to help you “bypass” their rules to make your life easier.

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  • Thank you for sharing this. Affiliate marketing with Google ads is not easy for sure. They made it harder by asking you to verify the advertiser’s info. What do you think about this?

  • Great article and video! Do you still recommend this strategy in 2020? Affiliate marketing is changing and Google ads is changing with it. Does this still work?

  • Just got a notification, thanks for updating the article. I look forward to read more about this subject on your blog! Also, I’m a CB Masters Academy member, great affiliate marketing strategies in there!

  • Great post, I can personally vouch for the fact that when you spend more money on Google ads, they go “easier” on you. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing with Google ads for a while and everything in this article makes perfect sense.

    Great post!

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