How to Earn $3,000 a Day from Home (Highly Leveraged)

If I could show you how to build a website that generates $3,000 a day, how many would you build?

One to pay for your new upgraded apartment?

A second one to fully pay for a new car?

A third or fourth…just for fun?

It took me 9 months to make my first commission. Given a time machine and the knowledge I have now, I could start over today and do it in a fraction of the time.

Back then I had no help and figured it out the hard way: testing a lot of things to see what worked.

Had I worked with a mentor, my success would have accelerated because I would have been handed the straight-line map.

Combined with a high-ticket product and a powerful concept called “funnels”, I would have been unstoppable from the first month!

I want to share with you how you can start making at least $3,000 per day in a shorter time than it took ME when I started.

This is not fantasy but very real and I have been earning this kind of income for several years now.

Not to brag, but $3k a day is side income for me at this point. Guys, the potential is there. Just follow your dreams.

The Product You Choose Determines Your Destiny

Choosing a product that sells all year round is smart. I’ve talked about it before and mentioned that the health, wealth and relationship categories tend to be evergreen.

However, not all products are created equal. The best offers are those that remove obstacles for both the customer as well as the affiliate (you).

More so, low-priced products tend to be easier to sell to people than otherwise. The perceived risk is lower.

The issue for you, the affiliate, is that going for the easier sales means you have to work 10x harder to reach your income goals. How many $30 sales do you need a month to earn $3,000? A hundred. But what if you promoted $300 products instead?

Affiliate life just got that much easier, see?

SECRET Making more money per sale allows you to reinvest your profits so you grow faster.

Rapidly reaching 20k a month would be something attainable only to a super affiliate. A little patience and it’s yours!


A very popular affiliate network. It is a marketplace where both the affiliates and product vendors can meet each other. It has enough digital products to keep you busy for a lifetime — not kidding!

To choose a product, don’t play spin-the-wheel, however.

Check the launch date of the product. Products that are several years old tend not to sell well.

JVZoo also has pre-launch products, which means the vendor has not released them to the public yet. That means you are going to be the guinea pig! Stay away from pre-launch products and sell only the proven items.

Also, it’s important that the refund percentage is as low as possible, 1-3% is a typical range.

JVZoo is a great place to start, although the products are not the best.


The mother of affiliate networks! Well, a very popular one, at least.

I started on Clickbank.

To make it easier on yourself, find vendors that provide everything you need, including a very nice landing page, examples of what to say in emails, description of the ideal customer, free banners/logo/artwork (commonly referred to as “creatives”) to display on your blog, etc. All these things help you approach your marketing.

I’ve prepared a nice big list of products for your consideration.

Great variety of products.

Funnels: I Wish I Knew This When Starting Out

You can’t just slam a product in someone’s face. They rarely buy that way. You must gently walk them through a sales process.

This process of explaining the benefits of a product is called a funnel, and you normally present multiple offers that the buyer can choose from, thereby giving them maximum value.

Funnels are the single most important idea I wish I had learned when I started back in 2014. I believe I would have easily made double or even triple my income and a lot faster too.

Taking people through funnels opens their eyes and prepares them for the product. You can even say they experience an epiphany during this “pre-selling” stage in a funnel, which is what makes them powerful selling tools. Funnels do all the selling for you, so don’t worry about learning sales techniques.

…and the best part, funnels work on every type of affiliate product. Doesn’t matter which one you promote. It works.


When you teach or explain something to a prospect, they develop trust in you.

And the more helpful you are in solving their need, they begin to like you more and more. Think of the way doctors help their patients.

They take time to listen to the patient (which they have seen many times before) and then use their expertise/knowledge to make recommendations that fit the patient.

KLT Know. Like. Trust. These three letters separate the pros from the beginners.

Marketers employ a similar approach. We offer useful information that the buyer can use to improve themselves, and in the process, they grow to know, like and trust us (K.L.T.) If you do this genuinely, putting the customer’s needs first, they will reciprocate the generosity by buying from you. That’s how winning is done!

Conceptually, a funnel is a series of steps. In practice, a funnel is made up of individual web pages with a mix of videos and text and blog articles.

It used to be hard to implement and only people with computer science degrees could sit all day writing complicated computer code.

Today, it’s not only super easy to do, but I developed a system to help you set it all up in less than a week…sooner if you are really ambitious.

It’s the very course I wish had existed when I was struggling for 9 long months just to see my first sale. And now the secrets are here for you, laid out like a highly detailed map with all the features and tools you need.

It’s packed in a done-for-you course, called the Aversity Gold Masterclass. And if that wasn’t enough, I also have a support forum with highly active members and also a coaching team to answer any questions you may have along your new journey into making $3,000 a day and beyond.

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