Full List of Best Selling Clickbank Products To Promote in 2022

The worst thing you can do as a Clickbank affiliate to make money is to waste your time and money on a product that won’t get you sales OR has a ton of refunds!

What’s the point of wasting your time, if the product you’re promoting is simply bad or will drive your hard-earned clicks away? In this article, we’re going to share a list of top Clickbank products that you should promote this year.

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Before we begin, how about some Clickbank tips from a top Clickbank earner?

My 7-Figure Clickbank Strategy

I’m not going to transform this post into a Clickbank training since you’re here to learn about the best selling and top converting Clickbank products, but here are some quick knowledge bombs for you:

First: Start with your own product! Sell a low-level product under $10, build your own buyer list and then sell Clickbank products to them. This is the fastest and the best way to earn Clickbank commissions.

Second: Don’t worry about the competition. Don’t let the gravity numbers or how many people are selling the product scare you. If you have the Clickbank strategy, none of these numbers matter.

Third: Always check the affiliate section of the product you promote for promotion material and contact the product owner for review access. Knowing what’s inside is going to put you light years ahead of any other affiliate marketer!

If you’re interested in learning my full seven-figure Clickbank strategy, I recommend reading my “Fastest Way To Make Money On Clickbank For Beginners in 2022” or watching the video below (it’s a long one, but a very detailed Clickbank training video):

Now that the basics are out of the way, it’s time to get into the top-selling Clickbank products…

To keep this article short and sweet, I’m going to share 15 Clickbank products that I’m personally promoting and earning at least $1,000/week in commissions.

Before I dive into the details, here’s a list of best selling Clickbank products in 2019:

  1. Flat Belly Fix
  2. John Cresting IM Jetset
  3. The Venus Factor 2.0
  4. Power Efficiency Guide
  5. The Tao Of Badass
  6. Clickbank University
  7. The Woman Men Adore
  8. Backyard Revolution
  9. The Lost Ways
  10. New Battery Reconditioning Course
  11. Shyness And Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper
  12. Cinderella Solution
  13. The Stress-free Golf Swing
  14. Paleohacks Cookbooks
  15. Truth About Abs

Now, let’s talk about each one of them and let me explain how I’m promoting each one of these products:

#15: Truth About Abs

It’s truly surprising how many affiliates browse Clickbank marketplace without noticing products like this. Everyone is so dead-on focused on main big niches that they miss gems like this on Clickbank. Truthaboutabs is a Cooking/Weight Loss product that will help users lose weight by changing some small things in their daily diet.

Visit Truth About Abs Affiliate Section

What makes this product special is that it appeals to both cooking and weight loss niche and it’s easy to sell since it’s cheap and has a great sales copy.

What Do I Like About Truth about abs?

As I mentioned above, I LOVE the idea of this product. It’s very unique and rare to see a product servicing two different niches at the same time. This fact alone makes it easy to generate content around it and write great things when promoting the product.

What I Don’t Like About Truth about abs?

In my opinion, the biggest drawback is the sales page. I would love to see a video but based on my own sales and experience, it doesn’t matter since the people who are interested in this product usually spend the time to read the page, so it’s not a dealbreaker.

How Do I Promote Truth about abs?

My main promotion method is organic video marketing. I create short training videos using slideshows and voice-overs, upload them to YouTube and optimize them for maximum impression and views.

Since the payout is a bit low, I also try to sell this product to my weight loss and cooking email leads that I’ve generated from other campaigns. I usually send out this offer to people who didn’t buy the initial product of that funnel.

#14: Paleohacks Cookbooks

Here’s another multi-niche gem being sold by hundreds of smart affiliates going unnoticed for years! Like the #15, this one is another cooking recipe related product focusing on the Paleo diet. This product sells like hot cake and as a Clickbank affiliate, you should not be ignoring it.

Visit the Paleohacks Cookbooks Affiliate Section

In my experience, selling this product to cooking enthusiasts is much easier than health and diet niche traffic.

What Do I Like About Paleohacks Cookbooks?

Again, I really enjoy mixing niches with each other and promoting products like these. It makes it easier and also more enjoyable. You’ll learn a lot about Clickbank selling these types of products. I’ve seen the product itself and it is one of the highest quality PDFs and training products I’ve ever seen, so refunds will be minimum.

What I Don’t Like About Paleohacks Cookbooks?

Same as the previous one, the fact that there is no sales video bothers me a bit but it’s no big deal since it’s proven that selling in this niche (cooking) doesn’t require a sales video. Ideally, I would love to see multiple versions of the sales page, such as text only, video only and hybrid (video and text) for my own testing.

How Do I Mainly Promote Paleohacks Cookbooks?

Currently, I’m running native ads traffic to this product. I usually write a catchy 700 words article about an interesting subject related to cooking and drop my own affiliate link within the content of the article. Then I run native advertising campaigns and get people to land on my blog post and to buy the product.

Native ads are a great traffic source for products with text-only sales pages and since people who click on my ads land on my article first, their mind will be ready for another article (the sales page)!

#13: The Stress-free Golf Swing

In my 7 years on Clickbank as a super affiliate, gold products have been the easiest sports products to sell and I’m not saying that just because I love golf!

Visit the Stress-free Golf Swing Affiliate Section

Most of the golfers are in the wealthy category and have the money to spend on a nice golf training course, that’s if you market it right. Since you’re mainly dealing with wealthy individuals, you need to choose a different approach when selling products like this.

What Do I Like About the “Stress-free Golf Swing”?

Clickbank doesn’t have the best collection of sports products so the first thing I love about this product is the fact that it’s among few high-quality sports niche products on Clickbank.

Besides that, the course itself is actually great and thought by an expert. One thing that actually makes this product great is the sales page of it. It’s not pushy and doesn’t feel like you’re about to be pitched.

What I Don’t Like About Stress-free Golf Swing?

Everything seems great but my only complaint is the style of the sales page. This isn’t a direct sales funnel (which has its own advantages) but it might confuse some people. Your affiliate link will take you to a blog page, instead of a sales page which is great for cold traffic but it might cause some confusion.

How Do I Mainly Promote Stress-free Golf Swing?

Because of its unique sales page style, my promotion method is a bit unusual! Since the affiliate link takes you to the blog, I usually drive cold traffic to the link using Facebook. I researched other interests of golfers and target them when they’re not looking for golf-related content!

It’s a complicated Facebook advertising strategy, but it works great if you know how to do Facebook ads!

#12: Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is a relatively new weight loss Clickbank product that focuses more on the psychological side of weight loss which is a very unique and interesting approach.

Visit Cinderella Solution Affiliate Section

I’m personally not a fan of weight loss products since they’re harder to sell but this one caught my eyes recently because of its record-breaking launch and based on my numbers, it seems like a good weight loss product to promote.

What Do I like About Cinderella Solution?

I think one of the greatest things about this product is its sales video. It starts great and grabs your attention from the beginning with a catchy story. I haven’t seen many products take this route with their sales video and it seems to be working great since it’s one of the top-selling Clickbank products at the moment.

What I Don’t Like About Cinderella Solution?

I think the only downside of this product is its affiliate section. It doesn’t have enough material and really needs some serious work but if you know how to promote affiliate products like super-affiliates, that won’t be an issue.

How Do I Mainly Promote Cinderella Solution?

My main strategy is with this product is the tripwire method. This strategy is complicated if you’re new to it but here’s a quick rundown: you set up your own $5 health product, sell it and build a list of buyers. Then you promote Cinderella Solution to your list of buyers and profit with it. If you’d like to learn more, I recommend watching this free training video.

#11: Shyness And Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper

This product has been one of the oldest self-esteem products of all time on Clickbank and it’s just getting better every day. This product has always been performing great while dozens of other social-anxiety related programs have been coming and leaving Clickbank marketplace.

Visit Shyness and Anxiety System Affiliate Section

If you’re in the self-help niche, promoting this product will help you earn some serious amount of commissions. Let me explain why…

What Do I Like About Shyness And Anxiety System?

This product has one of the greatest sales pages (the quiz/sales video model) and it works great with cold traffic. The sales page provides a massive amount of value and hooks people instantly. Another great feature of this product is its recurring commission possibility. In general, promoting products that offer recurring commissions is the best way to make money on Clickbank and this product will bring you a ton of recurring commissions!

What I Don’t Like About Shyness And Anxiety System?

Like many other Clickbank products, the only weakness of this product is its affiliate section. It doesn’t provide enough material and tools to promote it so you need to know how to sell products like this.

How Do I Mainly Promote Shyness And Anxiety System?

Since the sales page of this product is like a valuable article, I use the opt-in method to sell this product. I have a simple opt-in page to generate leads in the social anxiety niche using ads (FB and YouTube), then I send them to this page to read the article on the sales page and watch the video.

#10: New Battery Reconditioning Course

Battery Reconditioning Course is another one of those courses and niches that will make your head spin when you realize how much of an important niche and product it is. The popularity of this small niche is one of those things you don’t realize until you see the numbers for yourself.

Visit Battery Reconditioning Course Affiliate Section

What makes this course one of the kind is how specific it is. We all see courses about weight loss or ways to make money or even save money, but this product is so specific that selling it is the easiest thing you can do since there isn’t anything like it!

What Do I Like About Battery Reconditioning Course?

What I like about this product is its niche and how small it is. Because of that, selling something like this is a breeze and if you got the right audience, this is going to be easy money. Currently, I’m making about $1400/week from this product alone.

What I Don’t Like About Battery Reconditioning Course?

Surprisingly, I don’t see any issue with this product also the owners were a bit cheap when I asked them to give me review access, so I ended up buying the product but besides that, everything about this product is great!

How Do I Mainly Promote Battery Reconditioning Course?

My promotion method is mainly native ads and articles. Like #14, I write short but catchy articles about ways to save money and then promote this product within the content of the article. I use services like outbrain and Bing native ads to drive traffic to my pages and then, to my affiliate link.

#9: The Lost Ways

Believe it or not, survival niche is one of the most popular niches on Clickbank and it’s growing in popularity by second and among products in the survival niche, “The Lost Ways” is the best one yet.

Visit The Lost Way’s Affiliate Section

This product has been around for 3 years and it’s constantly being updated with new content and new sales page videos which shows that the owner cares about the product and its integrity.

What Do I Like About The Lost Ways?

The main attraction to this product is the fact that it’s the only product in the survival niche that is actually good. If you take a look at the other survival products on Clickbank marketplace, you’ll realize that none of them are as good as this one. This product also has a great affiliate section with a variety of tools and material which tells me that the owner actually cares about it.

What I Don’t Like About The Lost Ways?

Not much, I just think that the affiliate section could use some more style and can be organized better. It also seems like some tools and links are missing from the affiliate section but overall there’s nothing wrong with it.

How Do I Mainly Promote The Lost Ways?

This is a visual niche, meaning that you should show some value before you sell anything, so that’s why I use videos provided by them in the affiliate section of the product, run ads, get views and drive traffic to the affiliate link.

#8: Backyard Revolution

The solar industry is growing and with it, the conversation around ways to improve solar panel performance. More and more homeowners (including me!) are using solar panels these days and entering this niche right now is like mining gold before the gold rush begins!

Visit Backyard Revolution Affiliate Section

The Backyard Revolution is a DIY solar panel course that will teach you to create an efficient solar panel to power your utility based on a research paper published 10 years ago from MIT. The course is one of the best in this niche and I strongly recommend promoting this product.

What Do I Like About Backyard Revolution?

In my opinion, this product has one of the best sales videos of all time, making it super easy to promote and sell. The video is visual and tells enough about the product and does a good job convincing the audience that they need this product.

If I was trying to save $50 a month on my electricity bill, I would definitely buy this product.

What I Don’t Like About Backyard Revolution?

My only issue with this product is its affiliate section. It gives you enough tools and materials but I’m sure they could do better by providing some article examples and more banners and images related to the product.

How I Mainly Promote Backyard Revolution?

Based on the tests I’ve done and my experience with this niche in the past, the best way to promote this product is to go CPA style. Write a super catchy and short article about saving money on your electricity bill, then drive traffic from native ad sources such as Outbrain and Facebook display network.

#7: The Woman Men Adore

When it comes to the dating niche, The Woman Men Adore is the best product. This is a dating guide for women so your audience should be single women. This product is a great set of training videos and a detailed and great eBook to help women with dating and love.

Visit The Women Men Adore Affiliate Section

For some reason, fewer people are promoting dating products these days which is a great opportunity to ramp up your game in this niche and this product is my first choice for this nice!

What Do I Like About The Woman Men Adore?

This product is one of the best deals when it comes to payouts. It pays up to $300 per sale, pays you 100% commissions and more importantly, it’s a dating product for women. In my experience, it’s much easier to sell dating products to women than men.

What I Don’t Like About The Woman Men Adore?

My only complaint is this products affiliate section (like dozens of other products). I believe it can use some love and attention. If you’re promoting this, you should create your own content for it, which isn’t a big deal if you know how super affiliates sell products.

How Do I Mainly Promote The Woman Men Adore?

My main promotion strategy is the tripwire method. I have my own dating product which I’m selling for $9, then I promote this product to my existing buyers as a more complete course.

#6: Clickbank University

Clickbank University (or CB University) is Clickbank’s official training launched a couple of years ago. This is Clickbank’s first product on their own marketplace as a company. Although this product might be filled with some unrealistic numbers and promises (more on that below), the product and payout is an overall good product.

CB University Affiliate Section

This product focuses on both sides of the Clickbank market, launching a product and earning money as an affiliate. They’re both great and deliver solid information on affiliate marketing.

What Do I Like About CB University?

The fact that this product coming from Clickbank itself is a great selling point. It’s their first official product and it delivers a ton of value. They have an incredible affiliate section with great information on how to promote the product and tools and resources to use in your affiliate campaigns.

What I Don’t Like About CB University?

My main complaint about this product is its main headline: “Our Clients Have Earned $3.5 Billion, It’s Your Turn!”. I think this headline is a bit misleading since it doesn’t specify who these “clients” are. To be more specific, they are mixing the amount of money their affiliates and sellers have earned to inflate their numbers and since most of the people who join the program are affiliates, this number is going to mislead them.

How Do I Mainly Promote CB University?

My main source of sale is the people who have stopped opening my emails. I send an offer or joining my $9 training program to people who have finished going through all of my emails and then offer them this product after they buy the $9 program.

#5: The Tao Of Badass

When it comes to dating courses on Clickbank, The Tao Of Badass is the best one yet. Taught by the experts of the dating niche, this program has had over 3 million dollars in sales in the past 3 years and has beaten any dating product on Clickbank since its release.

Visit The Tao Of Badass affiliate section

This product is an easy sell and comes with great upsells that will print you money. Without a doubt, this is the best dating product you can promote on Clickbank!

What Do I Like About The Tao Of Badass?

There are many things that make this product great. The first one is the sales page. It has one of the best sales videos I’ve ever seen as a marketer and it converts like crazy. Then there is the awesome affiliate section with a ton of resources and finally, the cool owners who will give you a review access if you ask nicely. Overall, this is a great product to promote.

What I Don’t Like About The Tao Of Badass?

There isn’t much, but I think the main sales page can use some updates. Everything seems a bit old and outdated but I understand why it’s not being updated. Why would you want to change it if it’s already working?

How Do I Mainly Promote The Tao Of Badass?

I use the tripwire strategy to promote this product. In fact, I created a live website in the Inner Circle Masterclass program promoting this product.

Green energy-related products are blowing up in popularity these days and Power Efficiency Guide is one of these products. This product focuses on teaching about interesting methods to save electricity without having to make any changes to your home or power grid.

Visit Power Efficiency Guide Affiliate Section

I really enjoy promoting products in this niche. It’s easy to sell and it’s easy to get people to pay attention since it’s about something that applies to anyone and really isn’t about a specific niche. Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills, so this will be an easy sell if you know how to do it.

What Do I Like About Power Efficiency Guide?

Like Backyard Evolution (#8), this product is an easy sell and has a great affiliate section. It provides resources, content, and images you’ll need to promote this product effectively to your list or using native ads and more importantly, it pays great compare to other products in the same niche.

What I Don’t Like About Power Efficiency Guide?

I think the affiliate section could use a bit more work and resources. Also, it was a bit hard for me to get review access to promote it effectively and at some point, I thought about buying the product to get access but luckily I got my review access.

How Do I Mainly Promote Power Efficiency Guide?

I use my usual CPA method. In this method, I have a compelling and catchy article about saving energy and within the article, I promote this product with my affiliate link. I use FB and Native Ads for traffic.

#3: Venus Factor 2.0

Venus Factor 2.0 is one of the weirdest weight-loss products on Clickbank. The product owners don’t have the best relationship with their affiliates, yet this product is outperforming every other weight loss product in this niche in the long run.

Visit The Venus Factor 2.0 affiliate section

This product has been on Clickbank for over 5 years and it’s proven to have the lowest refund rate on Clickbank, which shows how well built this product is and it manages to keep its customers happy.

What Do I Like About The Venus Factor 2.0?

I love the V F 2.0’s sales video. It’s effective and converts cold traffic as good as warm traffic. It also has a super low refund rate which keeps your investment (your effort for promoting it) safe.

What I Don’t Like About The Venus Factor 2.0?

My biggest issue with this product is its affiliate section. It has basically the worst affiliate page I’ve ever seen. They don’t provide any content or resources for you to use, just a simple tool to generate your link to different variations of their sales page. Useful, but not enough.

How Do I Mainly Promote The Venus Factor 2.0?

I use a combination of my CPA promotion style and tripwire strategy to acquire new potential clients and then sell this product to my existing list of buyers.

#2: IM Jetset

IM Jetset has always been on my list of top Clickbank product and this product was also featured in last year’s top CB products’ article as #2, simply because it’s great. As the founder of one of the biggest online business education companies in the world, I don’t usually promote outside programs and courses, but I do endorse IM Jetset.

Visit IM Jetset’s affiliate section

This product focuses on teaching affiliate marketing using John’s different strategies, such as video marketing, Facebook marketing, and other advertising methods.

What Do I Like About IM Jetset?

What makes this product great is its sales page. It’s not your usual video and content sales page (although there’s a way for you to get your link to the sales page) since it’s considered a high ticket product. Because this product costs $997, it takes more than a page to sell it and that’s why John as a great webinar to convert your traffic to sales.

The affiliate section of the product is also great and it provides enough tools and resources for anyone to promote this product with ease using almost any type of affiliate strategy. Because of its high price point, this also leads to higher commissions, up to $400 per sale which is the highest one on Clickbank yet.

What I Don’t Like About IM Jetset?

There isn’t much, but I sometimes feel the $997 price point is a bit high for what you get inside, but that can be objectively based on your knowledge of affiliate marketing but besides that, everything is great within this offer.

How Do I Mainly Promote IM Jetset?

I mainly promote this product to people who don’t end up joining our programs on Aversity, such as Gold or Platinum masterclass. I use the fact that this program has a webinar as a last resort to convert any possible lead to a sale if I don’t end up converting them to Aversity members.

#1: Flat Belly Fix

And finally, we’re at #1. It’s hard to give this title to a single product since there are many good CB products out there, but based on my experience and results, the Flat Belly Fix is Clickbank’s best product.

Visit Flat Belly Fix affiliate section

This product is an amazing weight loss solution with a simple and easy to follow training course and eBook that will focus on a fast method to help women and men lose weight.

What Do I Like About Flat Belly Fix?

This product has a low refund rate, a high converting sales video and finally, a great training course so if you’d like a product to stand behind and proudly promote, Flat Belly Fix is the one.

What I Don’t Like Flat Belly Fix?

The only downside of this product is its affiliate section. I’m sure it could use some more tools and resources but they provide a great variety of email swipes and keywords to help you promote this product. The swipes are so good you can use them in your own articles and marketing campaigns as the content!

How Do I Mainly Promote Flat Belly Fix?

My main promotion method for Flat Belly Fix is the tripwire method. I have a couple of $5 to $14 front weight loss products that I sell using ads and videos and then, I promote this product to people who bought those.

This is my most profitable strategy of all time and you can learn about it in my free Clickbank course. This course is a $20 training program that I’m giving away for free, so don’t miss it!

A Conclusion…

In case you missed it, here’s a list of top Clickbank products of 2019:

  1. Flat Belly Fix
  2. John Cresting IM Jetset
  3. The Venus Factor 2.0
  4. Power Efficiency Guide
  5. The Tao Of Badass
  6. Clickbank University
  7. The Woman Men Adore
  8. Backyard Revolution
  9. The Lost Ways
  10. New Battery Reconditioning Course
  11. Shyness And Social Anxiety System by Sean Cooper
  12. Cinderella Solution
  13. The Stress-free Golf Swing
  14. Paleohacks Cookbooks
  15. Truth About Abs

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know what you’re promoting or if there’s a product that we should add to this list!

And finally, if you’d like to learn affiliate marketing from one of Clickbank’s top affiliates, click here to join our special free Clickbank course.

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