How to Find The Best Possible Affiliate Products to Promote

When it comes to Clickbank affiliate marketing, Choosing the right Clickbank product is the most important step! Without a good product, your campaign will fail from the start, and you either won’t generate any Clickbank sales or will lose your commissions to refunds.

In this article/video, you’ll learn how Clickbank super affiliates find the top Clickbank products and what do they look for when trying to find a product to promote.

Keep in mind that these indicators can also be used for any affiliate network and are not just for CB.

Before we begin, remember to read our full detailed Clickbank guide by a CB millionaire, if you’re still struggling to generate sales, or need a solid strategy to scale up your CB business.

Now, watch the video below to get started:

Now that you know the basics of finding the best possible affiliate products, let’s break each one of them down a bit:

#1: Dedicated Affiliate Managers

A dedicated affiliate manager is a great sign.

First, it shows that the product owners are serious about the product. It also shows the size of the operation of that particular product which is very great.

It also gives you the ability to get help much faster when you need it. A dedicated affiliate manager will save you time since you won’t have to contact support and wait for them to figure out your problem.

They know their business, and they usually answer very quickly. Affiliate managers also work based on the commissions earned by affiliates, so they have an incentive you help you and make sure you earn commissions!

Affiliate managers usually have their own emails, so make sure you look for that when searching for their information. Emails such as [email protected] are the most common signs.

#2: Review Access

Having access to the product you’re selling will help you understand it better, generate more material and resources, and sell it with more confidence, which will result in more sales.

The best way to get review access is to email your affiliate manager (that’s why you need to choose a product that has an affiliate manager). Although not every product owner will provide you with review access, it’s not a bad idea to do your best to get one.

As an affiliate network owner, we don’t give free access to everyone. That’s why I’m going to share the most effective approach here, so you can use it to get easy access.

Explain why do you want to promote this product. The first thing you want to say in your email is to tell them why do you like this product. Things you’ve heard, why do you think their product deserves your attention and all of that stuff.

Explain your plan. This is another important aspect because it’ll show that you know what are you doing, and it shows that you’ve got everything ready, and you’re not some random amateur affiliate.

Ask for limited access. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to giving free access as a product owner standpoint is a fact that you’re giving someone your product for free! So don’t be greedy and ask for limited access. This way, you show them that you’re not here to get a free product and run away, and you’re planning to do something with this.

Tell them that you’re trying to generate content and you need to see it and make videos and content using it to promote the product better.

#3: Multiple Versions of the Affiliate Sales Page

Another important quality to look for is the existence of multiple versions of their sales pages and even different funnels.

This will allow you to test different pages and see which one works better with your promotion strategy and funnel. This is also another indicator that the product owner is serious about what they’re offering and will go the extra mile to help their affiliates.

#4: Effective Affiliate Resources

Affiliate resources will make your life easier as an affiliate and will increase the speed of your campaign’s development.

A great affiliate resources section also shows the seriousness of the product owner, and how much knowledge and confidence they have with their own product.

Always look for products that provide all sorts of affiliate tools, from promotion videos, different links to different sales pages, videos, images, emails and etc. The more, the better.

#5: Done For You Content

And finally, an important type of content which is very rare and only found in high-end affiliate programs, such as Aversity. Done for you content is different from the resources you find in the affiliate section of the product.

A done for you content is design to help you generate sales, specifically by simply deploying these funnels.

From the pages, videos, to videos and links and offers. All ready to deploy and use!

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