Most Important Thing to Do Before You Start Affiliate Marketing

One of the things that have always made me upset in this industry is how often gurus or marketers try portrait online business and affiliate marketing as an “easy venture”

In reality, starting a successful affiliate marketing business takes time, effort and investment. If you’re not willing to put these on the line, you won’t make it. Let me give you some history on this one…

I started my online business venture when I turned 19. I didn’t have much money or knowledge about the industry but I had one thing: the will power. Here are some bits of advice I would give out to the 19-year-old me and if you’re currently in the beginning stages of your online business, you should watch this video:

As I mentioned in the video above, having a budget for your online business before even starting it is an important success factor. One of the main reasons that people give up in this business is running out of money so it’s important to plan your online business and set a budget aside before you even look into doing anything.

This will allow you to be prepared for every possible outcome and move forward easier in case of any complications!

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