Want to Become An Affiliate? This Is How Affiliates Are Making $5,000/Day

Do you want to become an affiliate? Here’s how big guys are making money in the affiliate marketing world: by creating self-sustaining affiliate websites and this is what I’m going to teach you in this article.

Have you ever seen those innocent website ads that you see with super catchy headlines? You click on them because they’re saying something important is happening in your hometown, county or state and you should know about it!

When you click on them, you see a somehow interesting content with some links or a photo gallery website full of ads that you have to click “next” each time you want to see another picture.

These small innocent websites are one of the biggest sources of income for affiliate marketers and if you look at them, they’re easy to build and you don’t need to be genius to make money from them…

Before I get into the strategy and income stream from these sites, watch the video below where I explain how these sites work in more detail:

How do these affiliate websites make money?

I’m going to talk about each and every step of this affiliate marketing strategy. First, let me give you a blueprint of this system that will help you become an affiliate:


Everything in an online business starts with paid traffic and in this case, you will need a type of traffic that actually matches the site you’re sending them to.

Allow me to explain more…

Every visitor that lands on your website from a paid traffic source (FB, Google, Bing and etc.) aren’t ready for your content. The key to making money with sites like this is to get your visitors ready for what you have with a very interesting title or headline in your ads, this way they will browse your website pages (so you’ll make money from Adsense) or buy your affiliate products.

Take a look at these headlines :

These are called content-based or native ads and you can see them all over news websites like CNN. They work very well because they blend in with existing content on the website and lead to more content. This is where you’ll advertise your website. You can use native ad platforms like Outbrain.com to run native ads all over the web.

Your Website

Here’s where things get really interesting. An average affiliate website only makes you money from affiliate commissions, but this type of website makes you money from both Adsense and affiliate commissions.

Let me explain,

Since you’ll have people visiting multiple pages to see pictures of their favorite actor or artist, it’s a great chance to show PPC ads. You can create an account on Adsense and display text and image ads on your website’s sidebar and make money each time someone visits a page.

At the same time, you promote affiliate products and earn affiliate commissions and if you want to get a little bit creative, you can even make money promoting Amazon products on your website’s sidebar.

How do you create these websites?

Creating sites like this isn’t rocket science but it can get very confusing and frustrating, especially if you haven’t made any websites before. Not only that, you need to understand the structure of these websites, what type of content you need to post, how to monetize them correctly and how to drive traffic that won’t break the bank.

Learn From a Super Affiliate

You can learn all of these tricks in detail in Aversity Gold Masterclass, where you’ll see everything live in action and will learn to start a profitable online business from the comfort of your home.

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