Aversity Partners / Affiliates Terms of Service

As the biggest online business education platform in the world, Aversity Inc. also provides one of the best high ticket affiliate programs to its members. Aversity affiliates earn at different rates based on their membership level. On this page, we will attempt to clarify our affiliate's rules, and terms of use.

All affiliates must follow the rules explained on this page and any affiliate account that violates these rules will be suspended instantly.

Keep in mind that existing Aversity members and all course owners will automatically have access to Aversity Affiliate Program can choose to promote Aversity products. Our goal is to provide the best possible training to our members and our affiliate program comes second to that.

The Culture

Our members don't need or have to promote Aversity products to become successful with the programs or courses they purchase on Aversity. The Aversity affiliate program is made for a small portion of our members who want to use our high ticket system to earn massive commissions.

This is also supported by the fact that our courses are about many different subjects, from self-help and time management to internet traffic and affiliate marketing.

Our Responsibility

Aversity Inc. will also deny responsibility for any claims made by our affiliates and partners. We always encourage our members to be truthful and realistic in their marketing content when promoting Aversity products and will suspend any affiliate or member who is using unethical, illegal, or unrealistic marketing materials.

We are and will continue to scan every corner of our affiliate traffic to keep our affiliates' marketing strategy clear, and truthful and will ban any member or affiliate who's using unethical, illegal, or unrealistic marketing materials

Commission Rates and Rules

Aversity affiliate/partner program is made of two different levels, with two different commission rates and payout types.

The first level, which is the most common level is called the basic level.

This level is assigned to members who join Aversity from programs that cost below $500, including the Affiliate Program monthly membership.

This level pays 50% commission for front-end products (generally, products that cost less than $500) and 30% on high ticket products (products over $500)

The second level, which is a level for our platinum members, is called the Platinum level.

This level is assigned to members who purchase Done For You Online Business Program, Platinum Masterclass, and Aversity One.

This level pays 65% commission for front-end products (generally, products that cost less than $500) and 50% on high ticket products (products over $500)


Aversity pays its partners twice a month, once on the 15th of the month and once on 29th or 30th, depending on the month, assuming you reach the minimum payout amount of $300.

You will get paid on the closest payday, 30 days after making the initial commission or the commission that pushed your account balance to the minimum $300 payout. For example, if you earned a commission on February 11th, you will receive it on March 15th payout, or if you make a commission on April 28th, you will receive the payout on May 30th.

In order to calculate the payout day, add 30 days to the day you earned the commission and choose the closest payout day to the result.

The minimum payout is $300. If you don’t reach this amount on the Payday, your commissions will be held by the system until you reach the minimum payout amount.

Platinum members won't have a minimum payout rate and will receive their commissions every 2 weeks, without having to wait.