How to Get Affiliate Sales Using YouTube Ads

Aversity generates over a million dollars in sales every month, and 70% of these sales come from YouTube ads. In this video/article, you’ll learn how we turn YouTube visitors into affiliate sales using a simple 3 video advertising system.

Before we begin, take a moment to watch this detailed video that we created for this article. This video explains the entire YouTube strategy you’re about to learn here and is great for people who are not interested in reading a long and detailed article.

In this video, Sean Bagheri, CEO, and founder of Aversity explain how his YouTube ads strategy is bringing affiliate sales every day and he’ll run a live example of these ads to teach you everything in detail:

Before we dive into the details of the strategy, you’ll need some tools and videos to make this strategy happen. Here are 3 things you’ll need for this strategy:

A Simple 1 Step Funnel:

For this type of YouTube advertising and affiliate marketing sales strategy, I recommend a direct one-step funnel. The idea is very simple, your traffic goes to a simple opt-in page where people enter their name and email, and then will be redirected to a sales page or affiliate link.

Alternatively, you can get creative with this and add a presell page before your main sales page link which can add more complications but at the same time, can increase your conversion rate and sales. We wrote an article for this yesterday so don’t forget to check out the step-by-step guide to getting affiliate sales.

Discovery Training Videos:

Your discovery training videos are the first videos people will watch from you. The idea here is to engage people with your content, and build a relationship. Ask them to subscribe to your channel for more videos and more training content. These videos need to be as good as you can make them since they’re your first impression on any potential clients you’ll be getting.

In-stream Ad Videos:

Finally, the last video or videos you’ll need is your in-stream ads. Your instream ads need to be short, less than 2 minutes if possible, and to the point. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time and want to start by explaining why they should consider seeing this link or the training you have.

Focus on what they really care about at the beginning, which is what’s in it for them or how what you’re about to say can make a difference in their life. If the product is about weight loss, talk about their future with a good body, or if it’s about making money online, talk about how their life will look like with a bigger bank account.

Now that you’re familiar with the necessary tools of this affiliate strategy, it’s time to talk about the strategy itself.

The idea with this strategy is simple. You’ll use the two discovery videos to engage an audience and establish a relationship by providing valuable information. Then, you’ll use the in-stream ads to retarget the same audience who watched your videos and ask them to join your funnel to learn more about the solution you’re providing.

This is a simple, yet super powerful strategy to get cheap and highly targeted clicks to your landing page. The idea with retargeting is that it can drastically decrease your in-stream ad cost per click and increase your conversion and sales rate.

Now that you have a picture of this affiliate marketing sales funnel, let’s talk about the step-by-step instructions to start getting affiliate sales with this YouTube ad strategy.

#1: Create Your Basic Opt-in Funnel

Your opt-in funnel needs to have a simple opt-in page (as shown in the picture above). After that, all it needs to do is to redirect the user to your affiliate link. There are many different ways to create funnels, such as Clickfunnel and manage subscribers with autoresponders like Aweber after they join your list and we have a full article about list building and the best practices here for you to read.

#2: Create and Upload Your Discovery Valuable Video Ads

There are dozens of different ways to create your discovery videos. Keep in mind that they need to be longer than 5 minutes to provide enough value, and at the same, visually pleasing in order to engage the user to a certain level to make the retargeting easier and cheaper. You can use websites like Canva.com and a simple voice-over to make amazing-looking and valuable videos for people to watch and enjoy.

#3: Create and Upload Your Instream Ads

Instream ads are the next and final point of your funnel. Your in-stream ads need to follow the context of your discovery videos. The idea is that you can’t explain everything in the discovery videos since it can take hours, so you have a separate place (your opt-in page) to teach them everything.

This can be a big enough reason (and if your discovery videos are good enough) for people to visit your opt-in page, enter their email and check out the product you’re offering.

#4: Create a Custom Audience for Your Discovery Ads

Before you run any ads into your discovery or instream videos, you need to create the actual custom audience group in your Google Ads account.

In order to do this, click on the Tools & Settings section of your ad account, and from the shared library section, click on Audience Manager.

Then from the next page, create a new website audience, select the channel and specific videos you need to target (your discovery videos), give it a name, and create a custom audience group.

#5: Start a Campaign and Run Ads to Your Discovery Ads

Next, start a campaign, and start driving traffic to your discovery videos. Creating a campaign on YouTube ads is complicated so I recommend watching the video above in which Sean explains every step of creating and running a YouTube ad campaign for this funnel.

#6: Start an Ad Group Inside Your Existing Campaign For Your Instream Ads

The final step of this campaign is to create a separate ad group for your instream video ad. Target the custom audience you created on step 4 and wait until it starts getting views. Keep in mind that this step might take time as your discovery videos get views on YouTube, your custom audience group will fill up with people for you to automatically target using your in-stream ads.


This simple affiliate sales model is responsible for the success of over 300 affiliates on the Aversity network and can be used to sell almost anything you want. If you’re still struggling to make affiliate sales or need to learn from a true expert, I recommend joining the Aversity Gold Masterclass.

The Gold Masterclass will give you access to the best affiliate marketing course in the world, a truly dedicated coach to help you build your online business, and more importantly, a high ticket affiliate system to earn commissions up to $4,000 per sale as an affiliate! Click here to join the Gold Masterclass, and don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions about this strategy!

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