$1,800 Worth of Affiliate Sales Using Facebook Ads In a Day

What if I tell you it’s almost impossible to get affiliate sales from Facebook ads?

Why do you ask? Because Facebook is a social network, and people aren’t actively looking for new products or services to use. Your ads (and any clicks you might get from them) are basically just “interesting things” that might pop up on people’s news feed and it won’t result in any sales unless you do this…

Before I explain more, watch this recent video from my YouTube channel to learn more about this subject:

As you saw in the video above, the strategy is simple, yet requires some work to implement. The idea is to create 4 videos for an offer without any links or offers in each one of them.

Viewers who watch the first video (as an ad) will get another ad to see the second, people who watch the second one will get another ad to see the third, and people who watch the third will get another ad to see the fourth one. By the time they get to video #4, they know you or your product well enough to buy something.

Let me visualize this one for you…

I know, I know… this might even confuse you more. So let’s jump into some details, shall we?

I’m going to start by talking about individual videos and their format, then I’ll share the actual video I used to make $1,800 in commission using FB ads. Sounds good? Then let’s talk about every single video in more detail:

Video # 1: start with a common problem that people face and provide a solution

This video is what we call a “hook” video. It’s important to address a problem that is the most common so your video will be something that people would like to watch.

Keep in mind that this is a Facebook ad video, so keep it short and simple since people are just passing by. Start it with something cool or eye-catching so people will stop scrolling and start watching your video!

This is your entry video, so make it as good as you possibly can!

Video #1 Example (on YouTube)

Video #2: dive deeper into the subject by talking about a common solution and why it’s not the most effective answer to the problem

Video 2 should start by mentioning something from the previous video. The idea is to let them know that this is related to the previous video so it’s important to watch it.

As always, keep it short and surprise them by debunking a common solution to their problem. If done correctly, this is a major trust factor and will make it much easier for you to deliver the final sales pitch.

Video #2 Example (on YouTube)

Video #3: talk about a major issue they might face on their way to achieving their goals

We call this video the “dependent move”. This is going to help establish you as a reliable source of information about the topic and prove to them that you’re not just another YES MAN.

Video #3 Example (on YouTube)

Video #4 (part 1): tease the final solution and ask them to take action (watch the full video)

This video is going to act as a teaser for the final sales pitch video. This is where you ask for the “click” and finally, ask your viewers to visit your website to watch video #4 to learn more about this amazing solution you’re going to provide.

Video #4 Example (on YouTube)

Video #4 (part 2): start the video by answering the final question, then talk about the affiliate product and its benefits

And finally, your pitch video. This is usually a full-on pre-sell video where you talk about the issue in general, provide some value, then talk about the product and its results, and finally to make the offer even better, add a bonus to sweeten the deal!

Video #5 Example (on Aversity Site)

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