Need Affiliate Sales? Here’s a Step by Step Guide For You

Have you ever wondered how super affiliates generate affiliate sales without too much effort? The answer to that question can be complicated but today, we asked a super affiliate and he shared two of his top sales funnel strategies with us!

If you’ve been struggling with affiliate sales, traffic, or converting your traffic to affiliate sales, this is the guide you don’t want to miss. In this article/video, Sean Bagheri, a super affiliate, will go through his two profitable affiliate strategies and will explain everything in detail you’ve never seen…

Sean Bagheri is famous for creating a super affiliate system that generates him over $3,000 a day online, and also founding multiple affiliate companies, from Aversity to Actionate and Top Level Affiliate.

First, let’s start with the main video that he has created for this detailed guide. This video will explain some of the basics of his affiliate marketing strategy first. After that, we’ll dive into the details of his strategy:

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Now that you know the basics, let’s review these funnels first…

The first and most important elements of these funnels are quizzes. The idea with a quiz funnel is to build an experience that feels more personal and customized. This has an extremely powerful effect on the visitor. People who go through a quiz are much more likely to opt-in to a funnel or buy a product. You can utilize quiz funnels to sell almost any type of product online. In fact, Sean is one of the highest-earning affiliates of Clickbank because of his quiz funnels.

How to Build Your Quiz Funnel

The first thing you’ll need is a tool to create your website and quizzes. Here’s what we recommend…

Quiz Builder Tools

There are dozens of different ways to create quiz funnels online and it all depends on the platforms that you’re comfortable with. If you’re a complete newbie, we recommend using tools such as Clickfunnels or Thrive Quiz Builder to create your quizzes.

Simply, create a WordPress site, and deploy your funnel on WordPress using these platforms that we just mentioned above. It takes less than 5 minutes to get set up and start building your quizzes.

Additionally, you can use premium versions of polling sites such as survey monkey to create quizzes that will do the same thing, but these sites usually don’t integrate with autoresponders, which are crucial to the next step of your funnel, but they usually cost less.

What to Ask and Not Ask in Your Quiz

The step is creating the questions you’ll be asking in your quiz. Generally, you want to ask questions that are not too complicated to answer, at the same time, not too easy. For example, avoid asking yes and no questions or questions that require more than 5 seconds of thinking. Put yourself in the shoes of the person who’s answering these questions and see if they follow these criteria.

Here’s an example of a bad question:

The problem with this question is that it’s too easy to answer and the person who’s answering it doesn’t think about it too much. Also, it’s always better to have more than 2 options in your answers.

Here’s an example of a good question:

As you see, we have a question that makes the visitor think, and also is relatively easy to answer. Also, we have 3 answer options in this question.

And finally, here’s an example of a bad question, turned into a good one:

The answer is a yes and no, but with the addition of more descriptions to each answer, and a third one,  this question became a better one.

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Creating Your Opt-in (Lead Generation) Page

The next step of your quiz funnel is creating a high converting opt-in page where people enter their name and email to be redirected to your affiliate link. You can use the list you create here to promote more products in the future which is a big part of your success. There is a great training section about lead generation inside the Gold Masterclass which I recommend watching but for now, here are some tips to create an awesome and high converting landing page:

Use a Good Autoresponder

For your autoresponder, we recommend using what we use, the Aweber. A good autoresponder software will give you the best email delivery rate, and more importantly, the tools you need to build your online business and your affiliate funnel to generate sales. Aweber also integrates nicely with many landing page builder and quiz builder tools such as Thrive and Clickfunnels.

Keep Your Headline Simple

Another way to increase your conversion rate is to use simple headlines. Use short and interesting headlines that are related to the questions they answered, and at the same time, something that will be related to the problem they’re facing.

Don’t Email Quickly After They Join

The next important landing page tip is about your email funnel. Make sure to not email them instantly after they join your list. This can be very annoying and lots of people are in the habit of unsubscribing from your list when this happens. Keep it light and send a reminder later, maybe in a day or two.

Make it Worth Their While (they’ll get an answer and bonus)

This one is also about your opt-in page’s healine. Your opt-in page needs to be interesting enough for the user to enter their name and email. One way to keep it interesting is to make it worth their while, by offering bonuses on the opt-in page and an exciting answer.

The image above shows an example of a headline that creates excitement by telling them that we found a solution. Although we don’t have a bonus mentioned on this page, as you see, everything on the page is forcing the user to enter their name and email to learn more about this amazing solution.

Bonus: Creating a Presell Page

Another powerful addition to this funnel in order to generate more affiliate sales is using a presell page instead of sending visitors directly to the affiliate link after opt-in. Presell pages can significantly increase the sales rate of a funnel if done right, but at the same time can cause lots of problems for your funnel. We recommend testing your presell funnels before adding them to your main funnel.

How to Create a Good Presell Page?

The first step to a good presell page is having all of the required elements on it. The elements of a good presell page from top to bottom are the headline, video, CTA button, bonus description, and another CTA button.

Keep your headline related to the quiz they just finished. The video should not be longer than 5 minutes and the call to action button which leads to the affiliate link needs to have a sub-id to track the click correctly. Explain the bonuses you’re giving them (you can use PLRs) and finally, have another call to action button with a timer to encourage them to take action.

How to Create a Good Presell Video?

Presell video is the most important element of your presell page. Your video needs to follow a checklist of points in order to be effective enough. First, you want to start with proof that the product or program you’re pitching works. Then, you need to show what’s inside and explain the program. Finally, talk about your bonuses and the extra value you’re going to provide and ask them to click the button below the video to access the product.

How to Test You Presell Pages?

One of the best ways to test your page is to simply drive direct traffic to it and check its performance. I also recommend A/B testing multiple versions of your page such as your headline and call to action buttons for maximum performance. For traffic sources, I recommend Google and Bing PPC platforms.


Although creating a high converting affiliate sales funnel is not easy, things can be less challenging if you know what to do and what you need to create, and that was the goal of this article. If you’re interested in accessing the world’s best affiliate marketing course, a dedicated coach, and more importantly, access to a high ticket affiliate network that pays you $4,000 commissions, I recommend joining the Aversity’s Gold Masterclass program.

Thank you for reading this article, and don’t forget to leave a comment below! Also, subscribe to our blog if you’d like to get weekly notifications about our latest publications.

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