How to Get Affiliate Sales Using Google Ads – 5-Minute Marketing Episode 9

This isn’t our first time publishing an article about Google ads (former AdWords) and affiliate marketing. In fact, our first article on affiliate marketing with Google ads got over 500,000 visitors last year.

Since it seems like people like to learn more about this subject, we’re going to dive deeper into better ways to do affiliate marketing using Google ads in the 9th episde of our 5-Minute Marketing YouTube training series.

As we all know, Google ads don’t allow affiliate marketers or at least “direct” affiliate marketing so, in order to get over it, you will need to bypass that rule by making some simple changes to your landing pages.

On the other hand, getting approved on Google is one thing, and actually making money from it is another and not only that, making these major changes to your landing page in order to comply with Google ads rules might hurt your conversions and sales so that’s another point to consider when running ads on Google for affiliate products.

In this episode, I’ll explain the structure of successful Google ads and how to avoid a Google ad account suspension or penalty when doing affiliate marketing with Google ads and also how to keep a high conversion rate at the same time. Watch the video below to learn more:

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