Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing with SEO: $6,500 From a Post

SEO and affiliate marketing generally don’t go together very well. For one, doing affiliate marketing with free search engine traffic is time-consuming, slow, and challenging, especially if you don’t know what type of search engine optimization you need in order to drive the right traffic, and generate affiliate commissions.

In this article, you're going to learn the most effective method to promote affiliate links using SEO strategies and drive targeted traffic to your link to generate affiliate sales.

Before we begin, it’s important to learn the story behind this blog post, as it can give you more context on the final goal of the campaign. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that the goal wasn’t to generate affiliate commissions, but to generate visitors to our own products and courses.

If you have a short attention span or are not a fan of reading a long and detailed article, watch the video below as Sean Bagheri explains the entire story of this article:

Ready to learn more about the details? Let’s start with the story, then we’ll go over the strategy details, and finally, we’re going to explain our SEO strategies for achieving such results.

Finding The Right Affiliate Offer to Promote Using Search Engine Traffic

Choosing the right offer is the most important part of your campaign, so I'd like to provide some tips on that before we move onto the $6,500 blog post story and strategy.

Choosing a bad affiliate product can lead to refunds, which will basically waste your SEO efforts.

When choosing a product, it's important to look for one that has a great affiliate section with lots of great resources, such as videos, email swipes, banners and articles.

Also, make sure to choose a product that is currently being promoted by a big number of affiliates. On Clickbank, this can be checked by the gravity number.

Other qualifications would be things like a great video sales letter and a good upsell funnel for maximum profits.

The $6,500 Campaign Backstory

Solo ads are one of the greatest traffic sources of all time for generating high-quality leads and as the biggest online business education company in the world, we use them all the time for our funnels and even recommend our members to use them for their own affiliate business.

A few years back, after spending over $12,000 on a brand new solo ad marketplace, our founder decided to make a YouTube video, explaining his results and progress with the marketplace. Although this video became very popular on his channel, the views or even sales made from it weren’t anywhere near the mentioned $6,500.

Besides, the video was a quick and effortless one, made by Sean in only a few hours.

So we decided to turn this video into a nice article. It would bring our company a lot of attention, and at the same time, we could divert some of that traffic to our solo ad courses. It was the perfect match.

Niche Blogging Success: Affiliate Marketing With FREE Google Traffic

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We finished the entire article in 2 days, and the rest is history.

The Affiliate Strategy

Our company generates about $25,000 in subscription revenue and sales every day, so an extra $6,500 over a year isn’t a major deal, but what made this special is the fact that this was all generated from a single article, with minimum maintenance and work.

The affiliate strategy behind the article was simple, post something informative that will answer a big question (results), and send the users directly to the affiliate link. No opt-ins, no presells, or shenanigans.

When it comes to doing affiliate marketing with a blog, the most effective way to generate an affiliate sale is to send people to the affiliate link through contextual links.

Why contextual links and not call to action buttons or links? Contextual links feel more natural and generally, the users clicking on them are much more qualified and will convert much better, assuming you got a great article.

Now that you’re familiar with this no so complex affiliate strategy, it’s time to talk about the SEO part of this successful and highly profitable article.

The SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is complicated and it becomes even more complicated when you add the affiliate marketing element. In this section, we’re going to follow 11 SEO tips that allowed us to generate massive amounts of traffic and search from search results to this article:


The research phase is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. It’s important to know if your article will be successful before you post it, and research will let you know. The easiest way to research is to just Google the subject and find the most relevant content to the topic.

My research for this article, looking at the other sites ranking for the keyword.

Learn the headline strategy used by other websites ranking in the top 10 search results. Learn their keywords, their description and see what type of content they’re providing. Is it pure text? Does it have images or charts? or does it come with a video? The more you know, the easier your job will be.

Look at the data you have, and come up with a full headline, description and use a tool like Canva to create a thumbnail for your article.

Niche Blogging Success: Affiliate Marketing With FREE Google Traffic

Don't waste your time building a business from scratch, instead use a done for you template and deploy a successful business in minutes!

Plan The Article Goal

The next step is to come up with an article goal. The real question is: what is this article going to do for you? You’re spending all of that time (and even money) to craft the perfect article, but what’s the point?

Are you looking to generate leads? Sales? The reason this is important to know beforehand is that you can shape your article around this goal as you research and write it.

If you’re looking to generate sales, it’s important to add a call to action once in a while, so your content needs to naturally lead to the call to action once in a while.

Create Skyscraper Articles

One of the keys to a successful blog is creating skyscraper articles. The term was popularized by Backlinko and to this day, it’s one of the only proven SEO strategies to rank for any search term.

The idea with a skyscraper article is to create a detailed article that will be the one-stop-shop for the answer to a specific question. This will create very linkable content (will explain this more) that can generate links organically to your website, without any need for you to reach out to other blogs for guest posts.

People will generally bookmark skyscraper articles as a resource and will get back to it multiple times. This creates familiarity with the content, which can result in a massive amount of conversions and sales for you.

Provide a New Experience

Your article needs to answer a question, but more importantly, needs to have something new to make it special. For example, in our case, it was our $12,000 investment in the marketplace and our results that made it interesting and clickable.

So whatever your article is about, it’s important to have something that makes it interesting and different from the other ones, like sharing your results with a platform or sharing the best possible way to achieve certain results.

Provide Visual Information

One of the ways to make your article even better is the use of visual information. It makes it easy and more interesting for people to read, and at the same time, it helps with the bounce rate and the ranking of your article.

An infographic created by our team for a previous blog post.

You can use websites like Canva to create amazing charts and infographic posters to make your article visually pleasing and fun to go through. Also, the use of visual content shows the craftsmanship of the blogger, which will create more authority, and eventually, help you to get better conversion rates and sales when it’s time to turn that free search traffic into an affiliate sale.

Niche Blogging Success: Affiliate Marketing With FREE Google Traffic

Don't waste your time building a business from scratch, instead use a done for you template and deploy a successful business in minutes!

A “Linkable” Article

Most of your organic backlinks will come from websites with lower page authority than you, which is fine but creating linkable content will increase the chance of another high-level blogger linking to your post.

Think about it this way: if you’re writing an amazing article and you’re putting time, money, and effort into it, you want to link to content that is high-quality, like your own blog post. So a high-quality article with great visuals and amazing information is more likely to generate high-quality links from other websites.

Use Rich Media

Using elements such as videos and reviews will do wonders for your article and search engine ranks. First, it will improve the bounce rate of your website significantly, which is an instant improvement. Think about this article you’re reading right now

We started it with a video, mainly because we want to keep people on the page as long as possible, and rich media like reviews and videos are the way to do it.

We use videos in 90% of our blog content.

Second, using rich media is a massive SEO signal, telling Google that this content can be a great one (potentially) and that Google must pay more attention to it. This will increase the chance of the content showing in search results, and will eventually improve your rankings significantly.

Additionally, you can link from your video description on YouTube to the article, which can also drive some SEO value to your article.

Keep Updating Your Content

Search engine ranking for affiliate marketing is like a wave. It comes, gives you traffic for a while, and then it slowly dies down. Not only that, SEO changes all the time so what worked last year won’t work today. That’s why it’s important to constantly update your article every month.

A look at our webmaster tools data as we stopped taking care of our articles and updating them for a few months.

It doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul, but go back to your articles once a month, and add something new to them, or update the existing information on them.

This little thing which might not take more than 5 minutes of your time per article can ensure that your blog will continue to rank, but more importantly, is a sign of an active website, which is a big plus in the SEO world.

Use Internal and External Links

The research has shown that the use of internal links (linking to the other articles and pages of your website) can massively increase the chance of ranking for a keyword. Also, it’s a good idea to have external links (links to other websites and useful resources) in your articles.

Based on our experience, you need to keep a ratio of 4 to 1 for your links. That means 4 links to your blog or website pages per 1 external link to another resource or website.

Internal links are a major player in the on-page SEO and tell a lot about your website, and also can drive link juice from your existing post to other posts, which can help with the general ranking and domain authority of your website.

Encourage User Activity

The next step in the world of affiliate marketing SEO is to encourage user activity.

User activity such as new comments or even a forum adds new content to your page. You can imagine the effect of this to be like updating your post once a month.

It tells Google that there’s activity on your post, which gives your page a higher value than other potential search results and can improve your rankings.

We recommend emailing your members or subscribers once a month, asking them to read the article, and leaving a comment (to keep the article fresh)

Share on Social Media

Finally, sharing your article on social media can give it a massive boost, especially if it’s a detailed and well-written skyscraper article.

I personally recommend Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Posting your article to social media can also help other bloggers to pick up on it, and even link to it in their next article!

We also recommend joining blogging groups where you can connect with other bloggers, share ideas, share your content for feedback and even find potential guest posting opportunities.

Pro tip: Pinterest is a big hub for bloggers. We recommend using a tool like Tailwind to automate your Pinterest posting, to drive targeted free traffic to your post, and also bring fellow bloggers to your post to generate organic backlinks!

Keep in mind that SEO takes time and these results were not generated overnight.

When it comes to SEO, the key to success is to keep going, even if it seems like things are not working out. It’s important to take your time, and work on the quality of your content and keep improving it.

What do you think about our article and the results? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Also, if you’re interested in learning blogging and SEO the right way, we recommend checking out the Niche Blogging Success, a course dedicated to this strategy and driving free search traffic to generate affiliate sales.

Niche Blogging Success: Affiliate Marketing With FREE Google Traffic

Don't waste your time building a business from scratch, instead use a done for you template and deploy a successful business in minutes!

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