Steps to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle

Whether you’re trying to pay bills or generate some extra spending cash, no one should be without a side hustle. More and more people are making serious money with affiliate marketing online, and here are the reasons why.

Affiliate marketing is the process of cross-promoting a company's goods and services on your website. If a visitor goes from your website to theirs and makes a purchase, you get paid. It's straightforward and, more importantly, a source of "passive" income.

This is because affiliate marketing doesn't require a lot of sustained effort for you to earn money from it since your site will be doing the work for you. So it's no surprise that the vast majority of brands and bloggers pursue affiliate marketing to grow their audiences, making the global affiliate marketing business worth roughly $12 billion. So, if you want a slice of the pie, how do you get involved with affiliate marketing?

The good news is that anyone can become the founder of their own affiliate marketing business, so we’ve come up with the steps to guide you on your way to financial freedom and a bigger bank account.

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1. Pick the Appropriate Platform
You need to think about what platform you want to post content on. This will help decide both your potential audience and the kind of content that shines the most. Facebook, for example, is a huge platform with every kind of demographic involved. However, if you’re trying to promote products instead of services, a more visual-driven platform like Instagram will prove more advantageous. Or, if you’re trying to go after a young demographic, TikTok is the main show in town. Remember that you can use affiliate marketing software to help create your own affiliate marketing programs as well.

2. Align Your Affiliate Marketing Niches With Your Personal Brand
When you're considering the kinds of products you'd like to start promoting; first, figure out if they would appeal to you personally. Obviously, this isn't a hard and fast rule, and you don't want to rule anything out that might net you some income. But that said, you'll find that you don't have to work as hard promoting something if you had a natural passion for it in the first place.


Audiences are looking to make genuine connections with content creators, and it’s these connections that really leverage the power of affiliate marketing. Staying true to yourself will make your content more dynamic and authentic and help you provide audiences with a value proposition. The more the things you promote are aligned with your values and interests, the more compelling your influence will be, which will result in more income from your affiliate marketing operation.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote
Just as audiences are looking for authenticity in their content, businesses are also looking for affiliate marketing partners whose enthusiasm for their products and services shines through. Companies will be more likely to engage in affiliate marketing business with you if you can show that you genuinely love their wares and will often privilege this even at the expense of follower count.

Affiliate marketing commissions vary widely, from as little as 5% all the way to the full purchase price. This commissioning model differs from influencers, who typically get paid a set amount for each mention or post. Once you've established your credentials as an affiliate marketer or demonstrate a large follower base, you can negotiate for a bigger commission from a place of strength.

4. Keep Your Affiliate Marketing Strategies Sharp
Affiliate marketing is like any other profession in that your skills will help define the level of income you can expect from your work. Some affiliate marketers have perfected their side hustle, so much so to the point that it’s now their main source of income and affords them real financial freedom.

However, you have to know the right affiliate marketing tips to be able to leverage your practices for maximum returns. If you’re serious about learning how to do affiliate marketing properly, then you’ll need to keep honing your skills.

Books and web forums are a great place to begin, where you can find like-minded marketing affiliates who were once in your shoes. They may be able to direct you to the shortcuts and workarounds of affiliate marketing for beginners that prove invaluable in attracting partners and audiences alike. If you want to cut right to the chase, you could enroll with an affiliate marketing course platform like Aversity, where the popular Inner Circle Masterclass has proven to be a hit with the community.

Additionally, you can access thousands of affiliate marketing lessons from the top experts of the industry with a single premium membership, which in my opinion, is one of the best deals of all time.

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While one of the benefits of affiliate marketing is the passive aspect of generating income, it’s always good to ensure that your skills are evolving to stay relevant in the marketplace.

5. Make Great Content
Your content is what will get you noticed by the audience and businesses alike. The content creation field is getting more crowded by the minute, and audiences will tune out from half-baked efforts in favor of something more authentic that helps them meet their needs.

Always ensure that you're mixing things up with the content you're producing to keep your online presence dynamic. Produce relevant content to take advantage of trends and offer some evergreen posts or videos to give your affiliate marketing longevity.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing income is there for the taking if you know where to look. Stay true to your values and produce content for the subjects you're passionate about. With some patience and determination, you can look forward to generating passive income by bridging the gap between businesses and audiences to create mutual benefit.

Are there any affiliate marketing tips that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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