5 Lead Generation Tools For Your Online Business

If you want to run a successful business you need to generate the right leads. If you don’t, then your company won’t make the profits it needs to stay ahead — putting its long-term future at risk.

Below we’ve listed 5 lead generation tools that will help your online business get the right balance of prospects and increase profits by turning them into paying customers.

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1. Intercom: Targeted messages to the right customers

Live chat has helped to revolutionize the way businesses engage with their customers, making it possible for AI to replace human interaction. However, Intercom has taken this one step further to bring you a lead-generation tool that offers real-time messaging.

This tool allows you to display and send targeted messages to users on your email list. You can segment your email list based on their past behaviors, allowing you to send out targeted emails to the right customers.

That’s not all, though. Intercom also lets you send real-time messages to your website visitors. You can set the criteria so that if some has been on a specific page for a certain period of time you can send them a message to lead them onto the next stage of the buyer journey.

Check out the video below to see how this tool can help generate more leads for your business…

2. Leadformly: Lead capture forms to treble your leads

Leadformly sells the value of its lead generation as being able to deliver fast results without losing crucial customer service elements that are essential to the long-term success of your business. It does this through interactive lead-capture template forms designed by conversion experts.

There is a range of features that you can add to your lead capture forms, including:

  • Multiple choice questions that include images
  • Condition-based questions
  • Automated, pre-filled contact information

The end goal is to capture date from people who are already interested in your products — so they’ll be more likely to make a purchase from your business when you target them.

For more information on how Leadformly can help generate leads for your business, check out the excellent video below…

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Personalized outreach

LinkedIn has 582 million members (as of May 2018) and is the world’s largest employment and business-focused social network. In order to allow you to generate leads for your business, LinkedIn has developed it Sales Navigator.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to let you get the right prospects for your business. Among the many features you get with this tool are:

  • Real-time updates on your leads
  • Lead recommendations
  • Advanced lead and company search

The noted B2B platform FinancesOnline rated this lead generation tool at 90% and recorded a user satisfaction rating of 99%. If you want to find out more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator then check out the video underneath…

4. Designrr: Upgrade your content with a lead magnet

Lead magnets are used by marketers and businesses to generate leads through email. They do this by offering prospective customers an incentive (the magnet) for providing their email address.

Designrr is a tool that lets you create lead magnets simply and effectively by upgrading the existing content on your website. The way this works is that enables you to create an ebook of your existing blog post, turning it into an evergreen educational asset.

It comes with 21 customizable themes and allows you to create an unlimited number of leads in just 5 minutes, giving you the potential to grow your email list 300% faster than without using the tool. To find out more about this great lead generation tool, check out the video below…

5. Turnstile: Video lead generation

Video has been named the most engaging method of content by 51% of marketers across the globe. Not only that, if you use video content as part of your business strategy, you will grow your revenue 49% faster than if you don’t use it.

Available through Wistia, Turnstile is a lead generation tool that lets you get the most out of video content. It does this by letting your viewers enter their email addresses within the video player, making it simple for you to gate your videos.

It works on both your website and Twitter and appears as a form that works on all devices. Among the many different features of Turnstile are:

  • See what your leads are watching
  • Integration with a range of marketing platforms
  • You can make your video skippable

Have a look at the video underneath to find out more about how this great tool can help generate leads for your business…

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