4 Easy Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

Making money online isn’t that hard, you just need to know the most effective ways to create a source of passive income online for yourself and today’s infographic is going to help you with that.

This infographic by the Aversity team will explore 4 different ways to achieve success from different sources. First, let’s take a look at the chart, and then we’ll explore each option:

#1: Becoming an Amazon Tester!

In my opinion, this is the most fun way to earn a passive income online. All you need is a YouTube channel, and a couple of Amazon products to compare. Create a nice setup at home, buy a couple of products from Amazon, compare them and make a video about it explaining why you like one more than the others.

For example, you can purchase 10 kitchen knives from Amazon’s top seller list and then make a video with the title of “Amazon’s Best Selling Kitchen Knives: Which One’s Better?” and earn money through video.

You can have add affiliate links to your video description to earn commissions through sales and also, you can earn money through Google Adsense (video ads shown on your videos).

#2: Become an Affiliate Marketer

This one is the easiest way to make money online and it’s going to cost way less than #1 option. Affiliate marketing is simple: You can earn commission online through selling another company’s products.

Affiliate marketing is its own world and I can spend days writing about it, but the best way to start affiliate marketing us with Aversity’s Gold Masterclass. It’ll give you a dedicated coach, the best training in the world by top affiliates, a big community and a done for you system to earn massive commissions, up to $4,000 per sale.

#3: Share Your Knowledge

If you got a skill that you can share with someone else, then you’re in luck! You can create your own content and videos, and sell it online as a course on websites like Udemy.com and earn money on autopilot.

This is a great way to earn passive income but it also requires some serious work and effort so it’s all about the commitment.

#4: Become a Blogger

Another great way to earn money online is through blogging. Obviously blogging alone won’t print you dollars, but what you can promote products to your audience as a blogger and earn money from it, a little bit like affiliate marketing.

If you’re interested in blogging, you can also read more about it here and check out our Blogging course to learn more about the most effective ways to earn a living from a blog.

Thank you for reading Aversity. If you’d like to access our done for you online business system that will allow you to earn passive commissions online, I strongly recommend joining the Aversity Gold Masterclass.

Aversity Gold Masterclass will teach you to start your very own online business in minutes and will give you the tools you need to get started. We will also assign you a dedicated online business coach the moment you join to help you achieve success as fast as possible and provide you with a done for you system to help you earn massive commissions up to $4,000 online.

Aversity’s Gold Masterclass will allow you to skip the testing phase of your business and get to the profit phase as soon as possible without wasting your time and money.

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