How to Earn $200 a Day Without a Website (Low Budget)

Your two jobs are sucking your soul away by the minute.

The pictures of people with laptops at the beach look tempting.

So what the heck…

It became your next goal in life: to quit your job within the next 12 months and do the “internet thing”!

I wrote this article for that person — YOU — who is really limited in free time due to working multiple jobs and who also don’t have enough extra money to pay for advertising to get new customers.

Internet marketing is the path to having location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom.

But you don’t need tons of free time and an unlimited wallet to take the first step.

This is what you’ll need:

  • 2 software tools + domain hosting
  • about $50-$70 a month
  • a couple of free hours on the weekend

This is the blueprint you’ve been looking for, my friend.

Affiliate Marketing WITHOUT Websites

Everyone has a website. Big stores and small bloggers. So how are you going to make $200 a day without a website?

Indeed, many people have large optimized websites earning them a comfy full-time income. But they’ve been doing this for several years.

When they started, it was a blank page on a WordPress site. A twinkle in their eye.

WordPress is very powerful and popular among affiliate marketers.

We’re gonna skip it for now.

Aside from the 2 tools I recommend here, you either have to have your own domain hosting plan, or borrow the one provided by one of these tools.

Let’s cut to the chase already. Here’s the first half of the blueprint:

Email Opt-In

Why do we need to collect emails?

Because people rarely buy something the first time around.

Building a “list” (as we call it) allows you to contact a customer many times. If they show up to your website once and then leave, you’ll have to start over to find a new client.

THINK AHEAD In the future when you pay for traffic, it will be ridiculously expensive NOT to capture their emails. Start the habit now.

You want to communicate more than once with your customers. A stronger connection is formed that way, which leads to…

Trust is also a reason you need to build a list.

Without a way to contact them regularly, it becomes evident you don’t have a customer relationship founded on trust.

I don’t know about you but without trust…

…I ain’t buying something from nobody!

I recommend Aweber for that. It’s among the most widely used Email Autoresponder Service (ESP) out there.

Landing Page

So it’s three months in the future and you have 100 emails on your list. Great!

Now what?

Help them out. Teach them something. Answer some questions.

And then ask that they return the generosity by recommending a product to them.

All this is happening in the emails you send out — 100% on autopilot — using the ESP mentioned above.

When you recommend a product, where do they go? Do you just slam the customer directly into a sales page?

How do they actually move from the email you sent to see the product?

Enter your second tool: Landing Page builder.

It’s a single page, not multiple blog articles.

This is where your email subscriber will “land” when you send them your affiliate link inside the email.

And as the cartoon above illustrates, I find it better to pre-sell the product by showing a visitor what is called a pre-sell page.

Pre-Sell Page It frames the offer correctly, talks about the visitor’s pain points, wants and desires.

It’s the page they see before (pre-) the actual sales page.

The pre-sell prepares them for what’s about to come next.

In short, you remind them of the benefit (“what’s in it for me?”) they came to get.

Conversions on the sales page are much higher with a pre-sell page in place.

Standing Out from the Competition

Before you go to by your email autoresponder service & landing page builder, I want to briefly discuss the competition.

It’s a topic which deserves a full article.

For now, I’ll say this.

Because you won’t be the only affiliate promoting the same product out there, people will bump into dozens of similar landing pages, including one of yours.

Put yourself in their shoes, and you’ll understand why they’re likely wondering…

“Why should I buy from this affiliate marketer? I’ve seen the same product somewhere else.”

Making Ordinary Into Extraordinary

You will need to add a bonus along with your product.

This makes it special. More desirable. The best way to make money online, in my opinion.

There are different kinds of bonuses and different arrangements that can entice the visitor to find your offer the most irresistible one out there.

  • free ebook
  • exclusive discount
  • mini video course
  • 1-month free access to a subscription service
  • more of the same product (or similar)
  • coaching session/education

By itself, it’s just a plain vanilla product. But with all these bonuses, it elevates the product to what we call “an irresistible offer”.

People Buy from People

Also, if you get over your fear of being in front of the camera, people tend to buy from people they like.

If you give it a try, you might find that making videos is fun.

Because most people are camera shy, being the marketer who promotes via YouTube video allows your viewers to see and hear you. In many cases, they will buy just because they like you a lot as a person.

If your product isn’t selling, and you’ve tried making an offer with bonuses, give video a try!

A personal brand combined with an irresistible offer is the ultimate way to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Or you can operate at one level below being a spokesperson: hire a professional voiceover actor, or hire a video editor to piece together a promo video.


In the above video, the product I mention is somewhat old.

I was promoting this back in 2017.

I created my own up-to-date course on how to profit from Clickbank.

Well, you probably have to get back to work. I hope you found this useful and take action. Your future awaits.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to reply. Wish you great success, my friend!

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