How to Make $1,000 a Day On a Laptop

You got a laptop?

Let’s calculate how you can replace your $60,000 average American annual income!

It looks like it would require $260 a day, give or take.

I wrote an article earlier this week about how it’s possible to make money online to the tune of $3,000 a day. But for some readers, I was asking them to stretch their imagination a little too much.

I guess. So let’s talk instead about making a 1/3 of that.

…$1,000 a day.

Five times the daily income to replace an average income.

And by the way, even if your annual income is half of this, you can do this too.

Scalability Is The Way

The secret has to do with how scalable your business model is, and also a little something called trust.

If you’ve ever been a door-to-door salesman, you can imagine how limited this business model is simply because you have to physically show up in front of a prospect.

Knocking on 50 doors a day is not a number you can quickly increase, and there is also the pesky getting tired part.

On the internet, however, turning yourself into a digital version of yourself (a video) and then allowing YouTube to float that video around the world like a message in a bottle, means passive income by the THOUSANDS a day.

In this video, I explain how trust is easily built. You will also start to understand how you take your customer through small steps of trust, helping them solve problems or fulfill their needs.

And if you start making money from home, you can reinvest those profits back into advertising to create a snowball effect.

No need to knock on doors. And the number of clients you “meet” is VERY scalable.

The thing is, because it only takes a few minutes to shoot a video and upload it, millions of YouTube channels are out there competing. Regardless, YouTube is estimated to have half of the viewers under 32 to trade TV service for YouTube, so the potential is far from tapped to the fullest.

With so many marketers out there, how do you get people to buy from YOU? How do you develop TRUST?

Relationships Are Built on Trust

You might have heard the phrase “form a relationship with your customer” in marketing speak. It’s not much different than going out on a date.

When you meet someone for the first time, they can say great things about themselves and sound perfect, but you still need to see for yourself what they’re all about.

Likewise, a customer will hear great things about a product but they won’t trust anything unless they can feel comfortable taking small steps first. Trust is the key to massive success in affiliate marketing.

Low risk. And low commitment steps.

This is powerful. It’s what we marketers use in our sales funnels.

Using the law of reciprocity, a customer who develops trust in your brand and your first product will tend to become loyal to your brand. Offering related products means they’ll come back to you first because of that trust you earned with them.

As long as the customer is getting something useful out of their relationship with you and your brand, you can keep offering better and higher quality products to them without an end in sight.

But when you’re the affiliate, you aren’t the one handling the sales, customer service or inventory. You just attract customers towards the product owned by a vendor, and you collect your percentage.

That’s the scalable business model that many affiliate marketers live by today.

And now that you know how a customer eventually goes on to buy more and more, and how YOU can earn more each time, can you see now how effective and possible it is to earn $1,000 a day?

You can learn this skill of marketing high-ticket products from our Gold Masterclass program.

Let’s look at an example.

example: pets niche

Say you are an affiliate in the “dog and pet accessories” category. Here is one way a customer would develop trust with a brand and go on to spend thousands of dollars with that company per year.

  • buys dog leash for $10 bucks
  • next month buys food bowl and a 20-lb bag of food for $60
  • 3 months later, uses in-store veterinarian services for $200
  • dog gets lonely, buys 2 more dogs and dog crates for traveling, all from the same store for $1,700

The trust begins with a cheap product and can extend deep into every related aspect of the product, costing thousands altogether at the end of the year, but serving the owner and pet very well.

example: dating niche

Another old-school example from the early 2000s is pick-up artist communities.

Step 1: The first product was maybe a cheap $27 ebook on how to talk to a girl and ask her out on a date.

Step 2: Customers who liked the ebook might pay for a monthly subscription to a private forum to get “in the trenches” dating advice from students slightly ahead in terms of skill.

Step 3: From there, they might develop an interest in private coaching, where they could pay for a $2,000 face-to-face workshop.

Step 4: And for the very advanced students, they might have been offered an $8,000 elite coaching that took place in an exotic location and received world-class training on how to dress to impress, give their dates an amazing night out experience, and act like a true gentleman.

And it wouldn’t end there. The courses might have been further divided such that one category was for the “average Joe” and the other category catered to “men of higher status”. Priced accordingly.


There are tons of other examples of companies with amazing brands that start with a low “teaser” product and have an entire suite of better and higher quality products/services for the customer.

You’d be surprised how fanatic some customers become and will go on to buy everything offered, just because they fall in love with the brand.

So, while you can start your career as a full-time digital marketer, it’s important to understand the correct business model that will allow you to hit your monthly (and daily) income goals in the most efficient way possible.

It’s how you can have the lifestyle of location freedom, financial freedom, and time freedom. And it’s very worthwhile.

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